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  • Snow monkey (8)
  • Chamber of Trees
  • Texas - 88
  • NH 1
  • Burgos
  • Under observation
  • Foggy day
  • wild geese
  • Safari - Seekoei
  • Cedar Pass Sunrise BNP
  • 10296432_10202322345325304_6743731304746285104_o+(1)
  • Elegant Magazine
  • Sunrise #97
  • Morning in the valley
  • Night sky
  • Baltic Sea
  • fragrant yellow
  • West Kirby Reflections
  • Ruby autumn
  • orchid
  • SUNSET- retouch new (3)
  • Horses in the mist

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Aurora HDR Software Review

Perhaps the earliest method of producing high dynamic range images started in the 1800s, when French photographer Gustave Le Gray shot and combined two negatives in the darkroom to produce a... Read More

Portrait Photography Slideshow

A small sampling of the entries into our Portrait Photography Contest! Read More

Featured Member: Alf Bailey

Each photographer has their own story about how they ended up interested in photography. Coming to photography later in life, Alf's journey started.. Read More

150-600mm zoom lenses compared

Many years ago Canon had an FD 150-600/5.6 lens which was very large, very heavy and very expensive. It has been out of production for over 25 years now and in that time, as far as I know, no other... Read More

Featured Member: Bela Molnar

Sometimes, the most interesting part of learning about a photographer is not the techniques they use or the gear they carry or even the images they create. But rather learning the story of how they... Read More

Macro Photography Slideshow

Check out this slideshow of eye catching entries from the Macro Photography Contest! Read More

The Human Face of Climate Change

Michelle Bogre shares with us her conversations with Mathias Braschler and Monika Fischer about their photo project _The Human Face of Climate Change._ Read More

Sony a6300-First Impressions

When Sony’s invitation to spend a couple of days shooting with the new a6300 in Miami arrived via email, I didn’t have to think twice before sending my RSVP. Announced in February and shipping this... Read More

Featured Member: Daniel Bruhin

A conversation with Photo.net Member Daniel Bruhin about his landscape photography in Patagonia. Read More

Shooting Food Like a Pro

Kara Stokes teaches knows the recipe to successful food photography: Choose a great subject, artfully style your shot, and use all the principles of portrait photography to craft a portrait of the... Read More

Sony Launches the a6300 with Blazingly Fast AF

Announced this week, the latest addition to Sony’s ILC line, the 24 megapixel, APS-C a6300, breaks the records when it comes to autofocus. An amazingly responsive new AF system Read More

Featured Member: Ulla Wolk

A conversation with Photo.net member Ulla Wolk about her portrait photography and image making process. Read More

Lightroom Tips by Lightroom Coffee Break

Are you looking for quick Lightroom tips that are in easy to consume bite-sized servings? Well then, Adobe is releasing a bi-monthly video series hosted by longtime Lightroom team member Benjamin... Read More

Featured Member: Scott Cromwell

A conversation with Photo.net Member Scott Cromwell about his nature photography and those crazy chameleons. Read More

Photography Exercise: Animal Photography

These exercises are intended to be interactive, which means we want you to participate! How you ask? Learn, shoot, submit and then show off what you learned! Jackie will check in regularly to... Read More

Featured Member: Klaus Priebe

A conversation with Photo.net Member Klaus Priebe about his landscape photography and image making process. Read More

CES 2016: Product Highlights

CES 2016 for photographers! A small sample of what caught our eye and might catch yours! Read More

Digital Camera Features and Functions - Part 1

Theano Nikitas explains your cameras bells and whistles! Read More

Sony Cyber-shot DSC RX100 IV

A powerhouse in a tiny package. Read More

Equipment for Wedding Photographers -- Newly Updated!

If you're starting out as a wedding photographer, or looking to update your equipment, this article thoroughly details what equipment you should consider and the reasoning behind those choices.... Read More

Tamron SP 35mm and 45mm f/1.8 Di VC USD Hands On Review

The SP 35mm and SP 45mm f/1.8 Di VC USD are two new lenses in Tamron's newly announced Superior Performance series. Read photographer Bob Atkins' in-depth review of these lenses that are designed to... Read More

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