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  • Schon wieder halb Acht...
  • Stairs II
  • Frame
  • San Pietro
  • Tube
  • Nudge
  • Morning, at my inlet#2 (view larger)
  • Photo without digital alteration
  • Curl!
  • ice
  • Green flats
  • Charm of a look
  • Smooth Sunset Glow
  • Clouds above Benin
  • Sumatra tiger (panthera tigris sumatrae) - (Enlarge)
  • gum tree
  • IR1_9859_60_61_62_63
  • The Prince and the Hump
  • Bullet trail
  • sonja

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While there are hundreds of terms associated with photography, beginners should add these 25 terms to their vocabulary to get a good start... Read More

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Free Photography Classes from CreativeLive.com - January 2017

January is a busy month at CreativeLive - their Free Broadcast Schedule is bursting with knowledge photographers of all skills can benefit from... Read More

Featured Member: Tm J

I love shooting the Peregrine the most since they are great hunters and have very interesting arial food transfer behavior. They are so fast that it is a real challenge Read More

Photographers Guide to Nepal

Nepal is well known as a photographer's paradise. Ancient temples worn down by time, bustling marketplaces full of life and color, vibrant religious festivals and, of course, spectacular mountain... Read More

Free Photography Classes from CreativeLive.com - December 2016

December is a busy month at CreativeLive.com! Be sure to get your calendar handy as their schedule of "upcoming... Read More

Holiday Gift Guide for Photographers - 2016

Let the holiday shopping begin! There are so many great ideas here for those near and dear to you. There may just be something for you on this list. Read More

Featured Member: Tracy Anderson

Tracy Anderson does a wonderful job of creating intimacy between the viewer and subject. Sometimes this is achieved with a piercing gaze directly into the camera's... Read More

Featured Member: Alfredo Machado

My interest in photography started when I was 10 and my parents gifted me a Brownie box camera in the late 1950's. Over the years, my interest continued and I always had a camera on hand, shooting... Read More

Nikon Announces 70-200mm/f2.8 E FL AF-S VR and 19mm/f4 PC-E Lenses

Today Nikon announced the update and upgrade of their flagship telephoto lens the AF-S NIKKOR 70-200mm f/2.8E FL ED VR as well as announced their 19mm/f4 PC-E lens which is widest tilt-shift Nikkor... Read More

Introducing the Sony a6500 and RX100 Mark V

Today at Sonys Global Imaging Press Conference in New York City they introduced their new flagship APS-C sensor camera the a6500 and the RX100 Mark V. Read More

Nikon D500 and 16-80mm DX Lens Review

This review is based on my experience with two different D500 bodies and a 16-80mm E DX kit lens. I had the opportunity to take a D500, along with a D5, to southern Africa for three weeks from June to... Read More

DJI Mavic Pro vs GoPro Karma - 11/10 Update

Update 11/10/16: Ding, Ding, Ding….We have a clear winner – DJI Mavic Pro. Read More

Photokina 2016

#Photokina2016 is underway and here is a sampling of what caught our eye! Read More

Featured Member: Katarzyna Gritzmann

Photo.net featured member Katarzyna Gritzmann talks about her photographic journey and portfolio of images. Read More

Featured Member: Yan Zhang

Sometimes photography is a doorway that allows us to expand our lives in ways we might never have expected. Yan Zhang's love for and connection with the outdoors grew in significant ways once he... Read More

Portrait Lens Review: Tamron SP 85mm F/1.8

Tamron recently released a new addition to their line of SP (Super Performance) Prime lenses with the SP 85mm f1.8 Di VC. Tamron has been upping their game for a number of years, releasing lenses with... Read More

Macro Lens Review: Tamron SP 90MM F/2.8 Di VC USD 1:1

Building on its earlier version of the 90mm (with the same name,) to make a macro lens that is more in step with its competition, improving the overall quality and bringing it "into brand" with a new... Read More

Featured Member: Line Martel

A conversation with Photo.net member Line Martel about her varied photography subjects, image making process, and the healing power of photography. Read More

Pro Sports Photographer Story

From a Stanley Cup Championship to the Happiest Place on Earth: A Pro Sports Photographer’s Story and Inspiration Read More

Aurora HDR Software Review

Perhaps the earliest method of producing high dynamic range images started in the 1800s, when French photographer Gustave Le Gray shot and combined two negatives in the darkroom to produce a... Read More

Featured Member: Alf Bailey

Each photographer has their own story about how they ended up interested in photography. Coming to photography later in life, Alf's journey started.. Read More

150-600mm zoom lenses compared

Many years ago Canon had an FD 150-600/5.6 lens which was very large, very heavy and very expensive. It has been out of production for over 25 years now and in that time, as far as I know, no other... Read More

Featured Member: Bela Molnar

Sometimes, the most interesting part of learning about a photographer is not the techniques they use or the gear they carry or even the images they create. But rather learning the story of how they... Read More

The Human Face of Climate Change

Michelle Bogre shares with us her conversations with Mathias Braschler and Monika Fischer about their photo project _The Human Face of Climate Change._ Read More

Sony a6300-First Impressions

When Sony’s invitation to spend a couple of days shooting with the new a6300 in Miami arrived via email, I didn’t have to think twice before sending my RSVP. Announced in February and shipping this... Read More

Featured Member: Daniel Bruhin

A conversation with Photo.net Member Daniel Bruhin about his landscape photography in Patagonia. Read More

Shooting Food Like a Pro

Kara Stokes teaches knows the recipe to successful food photography: Choose a great subject, artfully style your shot, and use all the principles of portrait photography to craft a portrait of the... Read More

Sony Launches the a6300 with Blazingly Fast AF

Announced this week, the latest addition to Sony’s ILC line, the 24 megapixel, APS-C a6300, breaks the records when it comes to autofocus. An amazingly responsive new AF system Read More

Featured Member: Ulla Wolk

A conversation with Photo.net member Ulla Wolk about her portrait photography and image making process. Read More

Lightroom Tips by Lightroom Coffee Break

Are you looking for quick Lightroom tips that are in easy to consume bite-sized servings? Well then, Adobe is releasing a bi-monthly video series hosted by longtime Lightroom team member Benjamin... Read More

Featured Member: Scott Cromwell

A conversation with Photo.net Member Scott Cromwell about his nature photography and those crazy chameleons. Read More

Featured Member: Klaus Priebe

A conversation with Photo.net Member Klaus Priebe about his landscape photography and image making process. Read More

Sony Cyber-shot DSC RX100 IV

A powerhouse in a tiny package. Read More

5 Steps to Creating a Powerful Portrait

Top wedding photographer Jerry Ghionis is a creative master of using light to create powerfully emotional images. Get a sneak peak of his "Luxurious Light" seminar that he will be presenting at... Read More

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