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Gitzo 224 tripod and Pan Tilt head

Piaw Na , Jun 24, 1997; 11:45 a.m.

I was wondering if anyone has used a Gitzo 224 tripod and what his/her experience with it was. I'm 5' 10" and have discovered that I rush too much if I try to take photographs with a tripod that doesn't come up to eye level, and it looks like thie Gitzo 224 is the lightest that will do that. (Weight concerns me more than price) I don't anticipate using anything bigger than a 300mm lens with this, and I only shoot 35mm.

Along with that, what's a good pan-tilt head to go with it (assuming it's a good tripod to get)? Again, I want something as light as possible while offering good support for a 35mm camera with a 300mm lens. (So I guess the max weight would be about 4 pounds to be supported) While I find ballheads easier to use, I've found that pan-tilts tend to slow me down so I think harder before taking a picture. However, weight is a primary concern, so if you suggest something that's light and stable, I'll consider it.


Keith Neundorfer , Jun 24, 1997; 04:22 p.m.

You've described the carbon fiber Gitzo 1228 (very light, tall, strong, price-is-not-imprtant). I think I remember Philip describing it as "dead, dead, DEAD". It'd be worth your while to take a look at one. Most photo.net-ers agree that it's worth nearly all of its $500 price.

Keith Neundorfer , Jun 24, 1997; 04:30 p.m.

After revisiting Philip's tripod review I must retract the part of my post that describes the 1228 as "tall". It's actually rises to 61" with the center column extended. There is a larger version (76" with center column extended) but it's half again the cost of the 1228 and weighs about 4lbs. (compared to 3lbs. for the 1228)

Dan Smith , Jun 24, 1997; 11:47 p.m.

On tripod heads, don't buy a Gitzo pan/tilt model. Every one I have ever tried is wobbly & just not solid. The old Husky models are good & surprisingly enough, I use a Velbon(think it is a model 270) that has built in bubble levels. Only thing with Velbon on it that I have ever bought & I am glad I did. If pan/tilts don't turn you on, buy a bigger model ball head & try a Linhof quick release. They are bombproof & you will never lose a lens due to it coming unlocked by accident. Good luck

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