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Which Logan Matt Cutter ?

Peter T. , Oct 19, 1997; 06:32 p.m.

Looking to purchase a Logan matt cutter for home use ( 5-10 matts a week ). Only criteria is it is easy to use with good clean cuts, little binding, minimum of overcuts. The 301-S is $89.95, the 700 SGM is $229.95. Should I buy the more expensive one ? They appear similar in catalogs, but they must be a big difference for an extra $140.00. What do you get for the extra money ?


Don Carter , Oct 21, 1997; 12:35 a.m.

I would suggest that you look at the Fletcher matte cutters before you purchase a Logan.

IMHO they are much better pieces of equipment. If you do a search on the web you will find several places that have info on the Fletchers, including a home page.

Robert Patterson , May 13, 2001; 08:37 p.m.

I recently began to do some framing work. I decided to do it all. Make the frames, mats, cut glass, etc. I am experienced in woodworking and grew up in a machine shop. I know precision and quality when I see it. Now, to answer your question. I opted to buy the Logan 750 Simplex Plus. It has a number of aspects in using it that I do not like and have yet to find a way to solve these problems. Number 1, the bevel cutter does not reliably cut through. I've paid particular attention to leveling the mat cutter. Adjusted and re-adjusted the blade depth stop. The 750 Simplex still gives me headaches by not repeating cuts completely through the mat. Doesn't matter if it's 2 ply rag or straight .054 thou Crescent type of stuff. It's a pain. Number 2, is the "anti crawl device". This is on the bevel cutter. Prior to forcing the blade into the mat, you push this "anti crawl device" into the mat. When the blade is at full depth, you release the "anti crawl device" and a spring is supposed to retract the evil little thing. It works very unreliably. I have found I must consciencously remember to pull the thing back up. Otherwise, you'll tear up the mat with the un-retracted "anti crawl device". Being the son of a tool maker, I can readily see, that the hole that the pin slides in is drilled off center! That's why it's sticking. Overall, the 750 Simplex gets the job done with a little fighting on your part. This Simplex is two models up from the 301 your considering. It's got all the bells and whistles of the pro model 650,655, and 660 series at $150 less bucks. I kinda wished now that I paid the extra money and got one of the 650 series. I found it difficult to make a decision when purchasing a mat cutter. I didn't want junk. Few if any reviews can be found on mat cutters. The outfits that sell them will say this mat cutter or that mat cutter is the greatest thing since sex. Of course! They're trying to make the almighty buck. After purchasing this Simplex and actually using it, I can see what sort of construction should be employed. Both the Fletcher 2100 and the C & H Advantage Pros have the construction you should look for. I'd opt for the Fletcher 2100 if you have the bucks. I feel they are overpriced. I look at my $1500 dollar tablesaw with all the goodies and wonder why this 2100 cost around $1600 after you purchase the extras that should be included. It's not a supply and demand situation. Mat cutters are a hot item right now. So are table saws! So why does this Fletcher cost as much or more than a precision cabinet makers saw? I call it price gouging. In the final analysis, you may be better off buying an Alto sytem. What little I've been able to find regarding mat cutters says nothing but "great" about the Alto. Good Luck! :)

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