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Bogen 3410 head? (vs. 3030/3047)

Collin Houseal , Jul 19, 1998; 03:36 p.m.

I see in B&H's catalog a Bogen 3410 "Compact Pro 3D" head... looks pretty compact indeed, with an interesting-looking QR plate. However, it's not anywhere in Bogen's catalog or on their web site, and I did a search and couldn't find any mention of it here.

Anybody have any experience with this thing? I'm trying to decide between the 3030, 3047, and now this 3410. I guess I'm mostly interested in the QR plate... looks like the type that slides in and locks instead of drops in. While I'm on the subject, my biggest hesitation with the 3047 is the huge (at least it looks hude) hex QR plate. Doesn't that thing stick out far from the camera when using it hand-held? Seems like it would poke out of the camera bag (slight exaggeration there) or something.

Anyway, I've read all these posts and comments about the 3030 and 3047, so anybody have the 3410? And somebody talk to me about the 3047's "huge" QR plate.

By the way, this is all going on a 3221W tripod, though that really doesn't matter I suppose. Also, I don't have any big lenses at the moment, but I like rock solid positioning.


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Carlos Co , Jul 19, 1998; 05:57 p.m.

Yes, I have the 3410 head with a 3221 tripod, Op-Tech strap, and TRI-PADS all from LL Rue. B&H will be cheaper though. I really like the setup although it is a bit too much for me to carry I've managed it over short 5 mile hikes (5'6", 140 lbs, out of shape). I use it in conjunction with an ElanII with BP50 and the 28-135IS.

I think that the 3047 is OVERKILL if you are using a 3221. The 3410 should be good enough for almost anything you would put on the 3221. Yes, you are correct, the QR plate on the 3410 slides in/out with a push-botton safety lock and a locking screw. No complaints with this QR setup.

I really like how I can adjust the knobs so that I can still adjust the camera while it stays fixed to where I set it without further knob tightening. Having had a lot of practice, I don't think I could setup my camera faster even with a ballhead.

Ellis Vener , Jul 19, 1998; 09:24 p.m.

I also have the 410 head. It's not perfect but pretty good for the price. What are you going to put on top of it? I use mine with a lightweight (just under 5lb) field camera, a Canham DLC, and have also used it with Nikons (longest lens being a 300mm f/4 and the heaviest being a 80-200mm) and a Pentax 67 with a 200mm. When I have used a bigger 4x5 set up I had slight problem with the level creeping in the direction of the torque applied by inserting and removing film holders or winding my rollfilm back, slight but noticable. Switching to the DLC problem disappeared.

About plates: I have a Kirk Enterprises Arca-Swiss style quickrelease release mounted to the Bogen because I don't like the size of the Bogen plates.

If you really want "rock solid positioning" and expense is not a problem, IMHO you should check out the Arca Swiss B1 or, going for the big bucks, the Arca Swiss B2 head. The B1 is the best small head I have found in fifteen years of looking. Cheers!

Collin Houseal , Jul 20, 1998; 02:30 a.m.

Now, the 410 head is different from this 3410. The 410 (aka Bogen #3275) is a geared model. So are you talking about the 3410 or 410?

According to the specs, it's a "low-profile head, ideal for cameras weighing up to 17 lbs" plus 3 bubble levels, so it should hold my Nikon N70 rig pretty easily. As I said in the original post, I don't have any big glass and probably won't for a while. The 3047 will supposedly only support 16.5 lbs. Also, it says the 3410 weighs 2.75 lbs, compared to the 3047's 4.25 lbs... big difference. Plus it looks alot shorter and more compact (5.25" vs 7" to be exact). Talking dollars, it's $5 more than the 3047.

If anybody else is interested, it's on page 410 in the huge B&H sourcebook (bottom corner). I think I may try this thing out, since it looks beefier than the 3030, but not as massive as the 3047. Best of both worlds? I'll post an update if I decide to go with it, in case anybody else gives a rip.

Ellis Vener , Jul 20, 1998; 03:12 a.m.

Well you got me there, I was talking about the compact geared head, I guess I got my threads crossed. Sorry for the confusion.

Joe Hewes , Jul 20, 1998; 09:53 p.m.

Do a search for "bogen geared head" in both the Q&A section and the Nature Photography section of Photonet.

I went from the 3030 to the 410 geared and posted a comparison.

Brad Hutcheson , Jul 20, 1998; 11:12 p.m.

Just a small rant here. It looks like we are going to be in for some confusion since Bogen is going to be using the Manfrotto name on it's tripods now. 2 posters have already confused the head you are asking about - 3410 aka 329 - with the 3275 compact geared head - aka 410! I'm not sure, but I think the 4 digit numbers are Bogen numbers and the 3 digit are the Original Manfrotto numbers. Soon we will probably have to figure out new tripod model numbers too. I'm sure for a while the will have 2 model numbers also. Of course imagine if they had done the opposite and decided to lable both the Manfrotto and Gitzo tripods as Bogens. Don't even get me started on Fuji film names.

As for your question, I like the 3047, and the new head looks like it would be as easy to use and as stable, but I haven't seen one yet except for pictures of course. As for the QR plates, I just think they make mounting the camera on a tripod easier. I don't leave them on my camera when I'm going to be handholding, even if that is the concept behind them. I do agree that the hex plates are really too big though. Sorry I couldn't give a better answer.

Larry L. Letzer Sr. -- , Jul 24, 1998; 09:40 p.m.

Don't know about the 3410 except in the B&H sourcebook as well, but I have the 3047 mounted on a studio pedestal and it gives us total flexibility. We have a RB on top of the 3047 so with the revolving back on the camera plus the movements of the 3047 I like the results.

John Olszewski , Sep 14, 1998; 03:24 p.m.

At the risk of this thread being dead, I just wanted to check and see if anyone else has had any experiences with the 3410 vs. the 3047 since the last message in July. I was going to go with the 3047 until I found out about its "baby brother" (aka 3410).


Brent Hutto , Sep 14, 1998; 09:09 p.m.

Well, to really confuse things...

There is a topic on the "Nature Photography Q&A Forum" run by Bob Atkins entitled "Bogen tripod recommendations". A fellow named Mike Dunsmore (mkdunsmore@earthlink.com) just reported purchasing the combination of the Bogen 3401 legset and Bogen 3410 "Compact 3D Head".

According to the B&H Web page the "Bogen 3410" and "Manfrotto #329" are one and the same. The B&H page asserts that the head has three bubble levels. From reading on the Manfrotto site I believe it is actually two bubble levels with one of the two for levelling the bottom of the head and the other for one of the tilt axes.

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