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Vivitar 28mm f2 Auto Wideangle lens

Darren Soh , Oct 28, 1999; 09:11 a.m.


Does anybody know if the mentioned lens is similar optically and/or mechanically with the Series 1 Vivitar 28mm f1.9? Its really hard to find resources on Vivitar lenses on the web and as I need a really fast 28mm lens; can't afford the 500 dollar Nikkor version, any info at all abt the lens would be appreciated.



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Jay Piper , Oct 28, 1999; 11:15 a.m.

May not be same as 28/1.9 series I but may be same as 28/2 Kiron.


http://www.smu.edu/~rmonagha/third for 3rd party lens info, try link to 'cult classic 3rd party lenses'

I have no complaints about sharpness of used Vivitar 24/2 and 35/1.9.

Jim MacKenzie , Oct 28, 1999; 11:44 a.m.

The 28/2 Kiron is pretty good, too. I owned one for eight years and got some nice images from it. It was a little soft at f/2 but when you need f/2, you need f/2. :)


Darren Soh , Oct 29, 1999; 11:19 a.m.

Thanks for all the replies.

Will be getting the Vivitar soon for a reasonable amt, so when I use it, I'll post some comments.


Kah Heng Tan , Nov 29, 1999; 03:17 a.m.


How are you?

I own this lens (the Kiron branded version - it's made by Kiron BTW). Bought it for like USD$15 because it sounded like a junker, and it certainly looked like one when I unpacked it (came with both caps missing and was covered in dust and grit). But it sure cleaned up well, with flawless glass under all the grime. Haven't shot with it though. It was bought really on a whim - just sits on my shelf.

You can actually read a test report on the lens here:


It's a pretty well specified lens: it employs a floating mechanism for good close range correction, a la Nikkor's CRC. From the test results, it looks pretty damn good for a cheap independent. Despite the so so f2 results, I'd say that this is an excellent lens altogether. We should bear in mind that most fast wide angles don't perform fantastically all the way wide open. This is also true for a large no. of manufacturer's models, though they make up for the lower resolutions wide open by excellent flare control, much better contrast, etc.

I had a friend who owned this Kiron once a long while ago and he said it was as sharp as the Zeiss 28mm he owned. But, as we all know, sharpness isn't everything. This Kiron also has very good contrast and low distortion. You'd probably have to slap on a Skylight 1A to get close to the usual Nikkor warmth. And put on a lens hood because I hear it's rather flare prone (if it didn't come with a hood, Hoya makes rubber wide-angle hoods).

An excellent purchase for a fast third party 28mm if you can get it cheap.

If you come across the Kiron/Vivitar 24mm/f2, pick it up as well. That's another really outstanding third party lens.

Carl Tower , Nov 24, 2002; 03:21 p.m.

I own the 28mm f2 Kiron and the 28mm f1.9 Vivitar, and at least the two lenses I have are NOT the same optical design, though they do share a filter size of 55mm. The same is true for my Kiron 35mm f2 and Vivitar 35mm f1.9; again, they are not the same design. The Vivitar may be a badged version Kiron, but mine do not match (maybe in earlier or later years). Both lenses are really impressive, especially when you figure in price.

Kelvin Lee , Jan 22, 2003; 10:36 a.m.

hi, I was not aware that Kiron ever made a 35mm f2.0 ... is there any literature on this?

Russ Butner - Portland, OR - Vancouver, WA , Nov 20, 2004; 06:56 a.m.


Kiron never made a 35mm lens. And Vivitar never put out a 35mm f/1.9 lens. However, Vivitar did put out a Series 1 28mm f/1.9 lens. It was designed by Vivitar, and constructed by Tokina, and is a very good one too. The Kiron 24mm f/2 & 28mm f/2, are also quite good.

Kiron Kid

Bryan Weng , Mar 23, 2005; 03:43 p.m.

Vivitar did make a 35mm/f1.9 (by Tokina) and it is darn good for the price. The Series 1 28mm/f1.9 is so sharp that I have sold my Rokkor 28/f2.8, Tamron 28mm/2.5, Super Takumar 28/f3.5 after extensive comparison.

Bryan Weng , Mar 23, 2005; 03:46 p.m.

BTW, the Vivitar S-1 28mm/f1.9 employs some floating element so the length of the lens doesn't change when focus.

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