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Mamiya/Sekor SX Lens

Rafael Furcal , May 22, 2000; 12:58 p.m.

I am looking for a lens for my old Mamiya/Sekor 1000 DTL. On ebay.com, I found a: "Mamiya/sekor SX lens automatic 50 mm f2.0". Does anyone know if this is a "screw mount" lens that would fit my Mamiya/Sekor 1000 DTL?? What does the SX mean?? Thank you.


richard oleson , May 22, 2000; 02:13 p.m.

I think this was a bayonet lens. Can you verify it with the seller?

Remember, you don't have to use a Mamiya lens. There are lots of good lenses out there, especially from Pentax but also from Fuji, Ricoh, etc.


Brad Hutcheson , May 22, 2000; 05:01 p.m.

As has already been said, your camera is compatible with other lenses. The Pentax screwmount (I think the official designation is M42) have a good reputation. For what it's worth though, I bought a 1000 DTL with a 55mm f1.4 for $35 on ebay a while back. If you can't find the lens you want, you might find it attached to a camera almost as cheap. My lens doesn't say SX on it anywhere, so my guess is that it is one of the bayonet mount Mamiyas.

Brad Hutcheson , May 22, 2000; 05:22 p.m.

I was bored, so I checked ebay. There is a 1000 DTL with a 55 f1.4, but it is already up to $40, and the filter ring on the lens is dented. The prism housing is too. It seems like all of these have been dropped, prism down, as mine has the same dent...

Anyway, there is also a 500 TL with a 50 f2, and there is only one bid for $10 on it so far. I didn't really look at it much, but it should be worth $20 to get the lens, and maybe $30-40 if the camera works too.

Karl Adams , May 23, 2000; 06:55 a.m.

Yes, Mamiya/Sekor SX lenses are a variant of the M42 thread mount that supported full-aperture metering on Mamiya's MSX and DSX camera bodies. As far as I know, it will fit on your 1000DTL. I believe that regular M42 lenses can also be fitted to an MSX/DSX 500/1000, but only stopped-down metering is supported. Re Mamiya 35mm bayonet lens mounts: Mamiya-Sekor ES lenses fit the Auto XTL and X1000 bodies, Mamiya-Sekor CS lenses fit the NC1000 and NC1000s bodies (And Z-series bodies for stopped-down metering only), Mamiya-Sekor E and EF lenses fit the ZE/ZE-2/ZE-X/ZM bodies, with the EF lenses supporting distance-based flash exposure determination on the ZE-X body only.

Roland Stauber , Jul 07, 2002; 04:31 a.m.

I do collect the Mamiya NC series cameras and "accidently" acquired a Auto Mamiya/Sekor SX 35 mm 1:2.8 lens which I now have for sale.

For details and also lots more information on Mamiya 35 mm cameras and other screw mount lenses, please refer to my website:

Mamiya NC Series Cameras

Best regards, Roland Stauber

John Shaeffer , Apr 01, 2003; 01:11 p.m.

SX lenses have an extra pin that allow open aperture metering with the Mamiya (and Sears) DSX and MSX cameras. The SX lenses do not have switches that allow them to be changed between manual and automatic aperture, so they are best used with the cameras they were made for.

When you are using A DSX or MSX camera you can close down any screw mount lens that can be activated by the camera (does not have the aperture ring on the front of the lens) by pushing the advance lever toward the camera. You have to first enable the meter by pulling the advance lever out from the body.

This is not true open aperture metering like the SX lenses provide, but at least it allows you to use most non SX screwmount lenses on the Mamiya cameras without much fuss, much like you can use the metering on a Praktica L series camera, that has the metering lever at 10 o'clock to the lens.

So don't get hung up on getting only SX lenses for the DSX or MSX cameras. Not to say the SX lenses may not be worth the investment, but they aren't necessary to use the SX cameras, and you can get around the full stop down metering on many screwmount lenses.

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