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Cuban hitch camera strap

Mike McKelvey , Jul 06, 2000; 12:29 a.m.

I am looking for a camera strap that used to be advertised in that back of Backpacker Magazine. I believe it was called a Cuban Hitch. It's a strap that goes from the camera, over the shoulders, criss cross over the back and back around in front with 2 elastic straps that went over the lens and camera body. This is the only strap that looks like it would work well carrying a camera on horseback, since it holds the camera tight against the breast bone and does not let it hang down where it can hit the saddle horn. I have been looking all over for one and can't find anyone that even remembers them. Can anybody help?



Gary Watson , Jul 06, 2000; 08:04 a.m.

I've not seen an ad for years.Why not just shorten up your camera strap?

John Sonewald , Jul 06, 2000; 08:17 a.m.

I remember it as "Koban".

John McCormack , Jul 06, 2000; 08:28 a.m.

The Kuban Hitch has been reincarnated as the Swamp Strap. It may be a good solution, though I have no personal experience with it. Go to:


William Nicholls , Jul 06, 2000; 10:35 a.m.

Op-Tech also makes the Bino-cam strap which is similar: http://www.optechusa.com/cambino.htm#binocam

I prefer to use Op-Tech's stabilizer strap. It's easy to use without the hassle of a harness: http://www.optechusa.com/security.htm#SECURITY STRAPS

With the stabilizer strap and my preferred camera neckstrap shortened up a bit, I have taken my SLRs mountain biking on difficult trails without a problem.

Richard Stum / Kinesis , Jul 07, 2000; 12:05 p.m.

Visit <kinesisgear.com>. The K350 harness may work IF you want to carry the SLR inside a padded case on your chest.

Jeff Drew , Jul 07, 2000; 04:08 p.m.

I have one, an "oldie but goodie", and find some of the newer designs better for me than this one. Tamrac makes a good variation of this idea.

Julie Driessen , Nov 04, 2002; 04:45 p.m.

I recently purchased some auction items and there happened to be a kuban hitch strap in the duffle bag I bought. It has the 2 rubber straps with 2 metal hitches. Julie Driessen

Robert Foster , May 04, 2003; 12:58 p.m.

Response to Cuban (Kuban") hitch camera strap

Shortening the strap won't cut it. Or placing the camera strap under a pack sternum strap. At least it didn't work at the Grand Canyon. Interested in anyone's experience with an 'around the back' camera restraint. TIA

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