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How is AF Nikkor 35-105 f3.5-4.5 Micro zoom optically ?

Milind Tare , Aug 19, 2000; 07:35 a.m.

I just want to know how is this zoom optically..?? I am getting a chance to buy this zoom in near mint condition. It is the older version of the lens which has got micro capability at 35mm end. I have searched the photo.net for this lens but I couldn't find anything about this lens. Please help..!! I am buying this lens for travel purpose and usually I shoot with AF Nikkor primes with my F100 and F90x bodies.


Charles Mackay , Aug 19, 2000; 09:49 a.m.

I use a later version of this lens (35-105 AFD IF) so I'll respond. It is a nice light travel lens, versatile. It is not wide enough for architecture at the wide end. Pack a 20 or 24.

You might look at the photodo.com lens tests.

The newer "D" version has several improvements (including internal focusing) and is pretty good. No matter what they claim, there's no "macro" unless you use a diopter or tubes -- that's just a marketing gimmick.

The older lens will not give you 3-D matrix metering on your bodies.

If you've got those heavy big $$ bodies, the 28-70AF-S or 35-70 2.8D would be my choice for a mid-range zoom, although they are heavier and more $$. Those lenses both support matrix metering and the AF-S would take best advantage of the advanced AF in the F100.

Jerry Litynski , Aug 19, 2000; 11:04 a.m.

If you do any macro work, the best bet for a 'ideal' travel lens would be the AF 28-105mm F3.5-4.5D Nikkor. For general shooting, a little lighter, the AF 35-105mm lens will do.

Good luck...

Francis Corvin , Aug 21, 2000; 07:04 a.m.

The information below may or may not be of use to you because it is impossible to tell from the post what your requirements are in terms of image quality (the body will only be relevant for mechanical properties such as handling, weight, compatibility). I shoot landscape, architecture, candid portraits, weddings and macro on 100 and 400 ASA negatives (color & B&W) which I enlarge to 11x14 at most. I will be satisfied with a very good lens, but will not get my money's worth if investing in an excellent or oustanding optic.

I read several reports which said the 35-105 was of variable quality. I handled a couple of them (second-hand) and wasn't impressed: took some pictures from the camera shop's front door and found distortion to be disappointing. I compared it to my MF 35-105, which I found to be superior: details, especially in the corners come out better (Provia 100 + 8x loupe).

Given current prices, I decided to buy a 28-105 instead, which hasn't disappointed me. The macro position is a bit less gimmicky than on the 35-105.



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