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Need directions for an 8x10 Polaprinter

Amy Powers , Nov 09, 2000; 08:32 p.m.

I recently picked up an 8x10 Polaroid Polaprinter, that prints images from slides. I got it on Ebay, pretty cheaply - but the seller neglected to mention that there were no directions! Anyone ever use of one these? What kind of film does it take? I can probably puzzle out the procedure, but if anyone knows what the steps are, I'd be quite grateful for info about that, too!



Ed Farmer(Mount Laurel, New Jersey, USA) , Nov 10, 2000; 10:23 a.m.

Once again, for manuals, John Craig.

Bruce McElhaney , Nov 10, 2000; 06:51 p.m.

I had a Poloraid 8x10 printer and processor, but couldn't afford to keep it. Polaroid 8x10 prints packs are hard to find and pricy, plus it's too easy to mess up. Also, you'll need a Polaroid processor to go with the printer. Without the processor, the printer is useless. Two kinds of processors are available. A manual version which uses a crank and a motorized version. They can cost about as much as the printer. That being said, once you have everything needed, you can make some great prints and large Polaroid transfers. Why not check out Polaroid's Wedsite . . .

Amy Powers , Nov 10, 2000; 07:11 p.m.

In fact, I have the processor, which I got for ten dollars, again, on Ebay. Although I am puzzled - won't this make copies of any slide? But, you make reference to "Polaroid 8x10 Print Packs" - guess I will by looking for those. The Polaroid website is useless, though, they don't have any info on anything besides the newer stuff.

Jon Witsell , Nov 26, 2000; 12:59 a.m.

Hi Amy,

Congrats on the purchase. Consider yourself lucky on a $10 processor... they go for about $600 new at


I would try looking (as mentioned above) at J. Craig's site, specifically:


Try emailing him... have gotten manuals from him before. If not, try wading through polaroid's horribly designed website(s) and find an email... or get a phone number...

As to the response "Polaroid 8x10 prints packs are hard to find"... well yes! If they ever existed... There is no such thing as 8x10 pack film (and has never been such a thing as far as I know...) The film comes in sheets in two parts, to be run through the processor. Be warned!! The film is about $140 for 15 sheets...

Don't mess with polaroid.com, try


and click on "polaroid professional products" and then click on "instant film." There are 3 types: 803, 804, 809. Two BW, one color.

Please let me know how the whole process goes... I am thinking about getting the 8x10 set up...


Joe Photo , Aug 11, 2001; 02:11 p.m.

Hi,I used to build those processors on the assembly line. I don't recall ever seeing the instrucions but I used one to make prints of fireworks slides. It's been over 15 years since then but as I recall you would need a processor and at least one film holder. A previous post mentioned film types and I do remember using 809. There is also a number for transparancy film. There is a moveable slide which opens one of two places to insert the film holder. I think this had to do with magnification or framing. I remember that there were some exposure contols and I thought everything had some graphics to explain them. If you find a processer make sure it has a set of rollers. I bought a 220V model from their surplus department but it was lacking the rollers so it was pretty useless. The films come in a black paper envelope. You would open the filmholder and lay the envelope onto the inside so that a tab would catch on the end. Close the film holder and lay it on the processor in such a way so that you can remove that envelope. Then the filmholder goes into one of the two slots in the printer. Remove the darkslide and expose. Put the darkslide back in and process. It's kind of like the Polaroid Swinger in that you'll need a few exposures to get the result you want.I haven't been to their website lately but I think you would have better luck with one of their technical assistance numbers.

Rene Hales , Mar 25, 2002; 10:14 p.m.

I have one with the directions they are 6 pages long and as I got the polaprinter used they are copies. I can try to scan them and send them to you as a pdf. If you are still interested, let me know.

I am using 809 film with mine and doing lifts and transfers. As mentioned you need a film processor which you apparently have. You can use the following films: Polaroid Polacolor ER 8X10 Instrant fim Type 809 Polaroid colorgraph 8X10 instate film Type 891 Polaroid coaterless B&W 8X10 Instatnt film Type 803

Mine is missing slide spacers. There is a slot on the front left for the spacers to be kept. If you have the spacers and find you do not want to use your polaprinter, I would be interested in buying the spacers.

It is actually pretty easy to use. I find processing harder than exposing the film.

Again, let me know if you want me to try to scan the directions. The pictures in them are pretty useless as it is a photocopy.


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