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Mamiya 7 vs. Fuji 670/690

Matt Docis , Apr 29, 1998; 11:16 p.m.

Which is the smaller, more portable unit... the Mamiya 7 or the Fujis? Any difference in image quality? Any problem showing 6x9 slides? Thanks!


Andreas Carl , Apr 29, 1998; 11:46 p.m.

The image quality of the 6x9 Fujis is grrrreat! As for showing the slides, they look really impressive on the light table! (but you can't project them as far as I know). The Mamiya 7 is somewhat smaller than the Fujis, but portability is really no problem with either.

Garry Teeple , Apr 30, 1998; 09:10 a.m.

Mamiya makes a projector for 6x7 but they are loaded one at a time.

Doug Herta , Apr 30, 1998; 01:26 p.m.

...and you have to be "loaded" to afford one! <g>

Basil Cameron , Apr 30, 1998; 06:05 p.m.

I don't agree with Doug since I have a procabin 6x7 by Mamiya. Recently I was on vacation in Washington and shot with both a Contax RTS III and a Mamiya 7 using primarily the 43mm lens. The mamiya was as easy to handle as the 35mm slr, maybe even easier. I used Kodak E100S/E100SW in both cameras the majority of shots being hand held. The Mamiya is lighter ... no mirror shake .. hence sharp images at lower shutter speeds. The images (mamiya) when projected are awsome. I have not used the Fuji hence can't make a direct comparison .. but can't imagine these being improved !!

Simon Ogilvie , Sep 15, 1998; 11:37 a.m.

I used to own a Fuji GW670 II which I "upgraded" to a Fuji GW690 III and finally to the Mamiya 7 which I kept. All the lenses are very good. The Mamiya's are higher resolution and slightly higher contrast, but the Fuji's are somehow smoother (better bokeh perhaps?). In general I prefer the Mamiya lenses.

Both the Fujis use the same body, so the 6x7 is as big to lug around as the 6x9, and is larger but lighter than the Mamiya 7. At least with the Mamiya you have the option to seperate the body and lens to pack it into a smaller bag than the Fuji would fit into. I use a ProCabin projector for slides which does 6x7 and smaller but not 6x9. I'm not aware of any current production 6x9 projectors, but there may be some available in the US or Japan?

The built-in lightmeter and the interchangeable lenses of the Mamiya are worth the extra money in my opinion, and the lenses are some of the best around. I found a web site recently (can't remember where, might have been Chris Bitmead's?) which listed MTF ratings of many medium format lenses and the 150mm for the Mamiya 7 was the best in the list which included lenses for Hassy, Rollei, Bronica, Fuji etc.


Brian Dearle , Nov 15, 2002; 12:15 a.m.

I rented both of these recently and ran comparisons. The Mamiya is decidedly smaller and lighter, though still very bulky compared to the "archaic" Zeiss-Ikon and similar folders of 50 years ago. The Mamiya is vastly quieter - the Fuji shutter sounds like a pile-driver and can be heard in the next county. The Mamiya 80 lens demonstrated significantly better resolution and contrast, though the Fuji was no slouch by any means. Fujii advantages? All-mechanical operation portends better reliability, and the rangefinder was acurately aligned, whereas the Mamiya was not (this seems to be a chronic problem for the Mamiya). The Fuji framelines also adjust not just for parallax but for focus distance, which the Mamiya does not. Were I to buy one or the other, the Mamiya would be the undoubted choice. But what I'd really like to see would be a resurrected Zeiss Ikonta with modern glass, 220, lever advance and maybe interchangeable lenses...

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