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Pentax: KX vs. K1000

Artur Shepilko , Oct 01, 1998; 03:45 p.m.

I found that in the range of Pentax K manual cameras there's a model KX that's called sometimes the final point in K-mount manual series design and has been introduced before the K1000 model which lost a lot of features comparatively to KX. Browsing through the various Pentax sites I noted that K1000 seems to be more popular while KX is rarely found among discussion topics aside technical charts.

So I'm wondering may be KX has some design flaws or whatever else that caused such an inpopularity ?



Hans Buchholdt , Oct 01, 1998; 05:06 p.m.

Arthur...wow, an old pentax question...I think it goes like this.

Pentax got famous with the Spotmatic series that had the universal (aka Pentax, M42) screw mount. A nice system, but when you took off a screw mount lens, you'd never really know exactly when it would detach from the camera body - a bad thing, however wonderful the Spotmatic bodies are.

To fix that problem Pentax introduced the K mount. The initial bodies were the K2, KX, KM (all of which had motordrive versions), All of which were not dissimilar in design to the last models of the Spotmatic series. The K2 was the top of the line Pro body, the KM was the economy model, and the KX was something in between. Later when camera bodies got smaller (the Olympus OM-1 changed everything) Pentax introduced the ME and the MX - for a while they maintained the K2(DMD), and they dropped the KX. The KM, with some minor improvements became the K1000, the modestly priced, modestly featured camera in the Pentax line.

There wasn't anything wrong with the KX behond size and weight. It was replaced by the smaller/lighter MX. I'd figure KX body is something of a rare find these days, they were only made for about 3 years in a time when camera designs didn't change that much.


Bruce Rubenstein - NYC , Oct 01, 1998; 10:32 p.m.

The only problem with the KX, like many Pentax cameras, was marketing not the working of the camera. It was sort of a Me-Too body; most makers had a body with pretty much the same specs. The question for most buyers was, "How much will I spend for the Pentax name?", and the answer was usually not as much as for, say, Nikon. This is one of the reasons that Pentax never did very well selling high end cameras. They've done best when they've made different products (the small MX, ME and now the ZX retros), or good value (K1000).

M.A. Chojnowski , Oct 01, 1998; 11:56 p.m.

KX----NO motor drive [ever]. YES Mirror lockup, stop-down preview button,<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; self timer, aperture-in- viewfinder, 90% same camera [parts] as K1000.<BR><BR> K1000---NO motor, none of the other features above.<BR><BR> For the record, the K2DMD was the only one of the bunch with motor drive capability, hence "MD".

Hans Buchholdt , Oct 02, 1998; 02:04 p.m.

Artur, do be aware that if you should find a KX motordrive body, Pentax has discontinued service for them.

Check: www.pentax.com/Frames/pentaxu/discontinued.htm

for more information. Hans

Mark Ewert , Oct 21, 2001; 02:28 a.m.

I still own the K1000 and the KX and love em both. They are in perfect condition and take great photos. However my brother now has the dark room equipment that my father had for all of the years and I am getting tired of taking the film to be developed and enlarged. I am thingking of a digital camera. Any ideas?


Christopher Platt , Aug 13, 2002; 09:48 p.m.

The K1000 and KX models are quite similar in construction. You can expect either camera to be very reliable.

The K1000 may have an advantage in availability of new replacement parts, since it was discontinued only a few years ago.

The KX has the edge in features, adding center-weighted SPD metering, full-information viewfinder, mirror lockup, depth-of-field preview, self-timer, FP and X synch PC sockets.

The K1000 was made for many years and earned a reputation as a no-nonsense workhorse. Consequently it retains much of it's original value. Since it is not as well known, you might find a nice KX for the same or even less money...

Ron Boe , Oct 19, 2002; 12:40 a.m.

I own a KX MD unit I bought way back in the late 70's new. Been looking for a drive unit since I bought it. It's my understanding only a few MD compatible bodies were made and it seems they were discontinued before I bought mine. Since it was my second SLR I have always thought of it as "the New" camera. Imagine my shock when after a vaction in Hawaii, searching the net for fun stuff for the camera reveiled it to be a "collectors" piece! It's very rugged, has a miror lock up, self timer and the usual features found on SLR's. I especially like the little window that let's the user see the f-stop on the lens. Think of it as a very upscale K1000.

Rodelion - , Dec 28, 2002; 08:35 a.m.

The KX has got no design flaws, as far as I'm concerned.

The K1000's popularity is caused by it being the excellent student camera: fully manual and awesomely reliable.

They're about the same camera, and the only significant features the KX has got compared to the K1000 are * more modern (SPD) metering cells * mirror lock-up * depth of field preview * self timer * shutter button-lock * aperture and shutter speed shown in viewfinder

By the way, they have BOTH got multiframe capability :) and they're great cams.

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