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mat cutter: Logan 401 vs. Fletcher MatMate 40"

Christopher Somers , Mar 09, 2000; 08:51 p.m.


I was wondering of someone can compare/contrast these two mat cutters for me. I've looked through the archives, and read their specs at Presto, Logan, etc. homepages. The main differences I've seen thus far is that the Fletcher will allow 6" borders, the Logan "only" 5". Also, the Logan specs mention a "squaring bar" - is this anything special that the MatMate doesn't have/do ?

This will be for home use for my wife and myself. I've used hand-held cutters in the past w/ clamps, metal straight edges - uck. Should I be looking forward to much easier mat cutting with either of these two models?

Lastly, anyone want to suggest another competitor in this price range ($120) ? Thanks much! - Chris


Barry Schmetter , Mar 09, 2000; 10:16 p.m.

I recently bought the Logan 750 Simplex mat cutter and have been very happy with it. It's $220, but for an extra hundred bucks you get some features like production stops, that make cutting multiple mats *much* easier. The 750 has a 27" long squaring arm with a production stop as opposed to the little stubby guide on the 401. The guides and production stops allow you to do all of your cutting without having manually mark off your measurements before cutting. This saves a huge amount of time. Fletcher makes some great $800 mat cutters, but at the low end, the 750 is pretty nice.

I bought mine at:


They were quick, had the best price on the net, and were North Carolina friendly.

Christopher Somers , Mar 10, 2000; 05:37 p.m.

Thanks for the reply Barry. Hm, I didn't notice that the #401 doesn't have measuring/"production" stops - the MatMate description says it DOES. I suppose I should go into a store and check them out myself; on paper, the MatMate seems to be better (or at least better-featured), but I was just hoping someone had experience w/ both and could make it a clearer choice :) -Chris

Lloyd Nakatani , Mar 10, 2000; 10:09 p.m.

From what I saw, Logan has the best mat cutter. Take a close look at the design of their cutter. The blade passes through a slot that supports the blade all way to the surface of the mat so that it won't twist or deflect. To me, this is the most critical feature of a mat cutter: a reliable, clean cut. Everything else is a frill.

Art Sands , Mar 11, 2000; 05:38 a.m.


Look for a used matt cutter on EBay or check your local framing shops. I initially bought a Logan 401 and it was OK but not great. I ended up with a $1000+ quality 50" professional level matt cutter for $150. Check around.

Heather McClain-Howell , Oct 02, 2004; 01:06 a.m.

Having used various models by both manufacturers,I'd always recommend Fletcher over Logan-- the quality and performance is superior.

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