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Minolta Mini projector lamp/bulb

Steven Campbell , Jul 15, 2000; 04:48 p.m.

I have just received a Minolta Mini projector 35 with the lamp/bulb smashed. I have searched the world (well the internet anyway) for information on the replacement bulb for this projector with no luck. Has anyone any idea what the bulb number or size is for this projector? Any ideas on where to get one?



Tom Nevels , May 23, 2001; 04:02 p.m.

I recently acquired a Mini from the local thrift store and matched the lamp base from the smashed bulb I found in it to a GE High Intensity 12 Watt bulb available at Lowe's or any home improvement store that carries specialty bulbs. The power cord from the projector was also missing, and when I replaced it and plugged the thing in, the lamp burned out. I don't have any specs for this thing, and was wondering if you know anything about why this might have happened.

Pureland Supply , Jun 06, 2001; 01:42 p.m.

www.PurelandSupply.com - for specialty bulbs

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LeRoy Dorman , Sep 08, 2001; 06:12 p.m.

In case you have not found the answer yet, the bulb is type CDS, and it is a 100 Watt 115-120 Volt, bulb. The particular bulb I have is from GE. It seems to be carried by the specialty bulb co who posted a response earlier.

Akshay Kashyap , Jul 03, 2002; 04:18 a.m.

What bulb does one use for "color corrected light"

someone posted somewhere on photo.net while recommending minolta mini that his mini uses "color corrected light".

what does that mean? and which bulb does one use to get "color corrected light"? the CDD or CBJ bulb that is recommended for minolta mini is rated at 2950 or 2900 or 3000 K, i forgot which.

would be grateful for answers.



patrick gould , Nov 27, 2002; 07:04 a.m.

Response to Minolta Mini projector lamp/bulb - power lead problem

hi this is for Tom Nevels or anyone else who might be able to help. have you sorted out your problem with your lead? i have recently got one aswell with no instructions and the lead has a strange plug at its end that looks like it should fit in a light-bulb fixture. i don't want to try it in case i blow the thing, particularly as the one sheet that came with it was in japanese and so the power supply could well be different.

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