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 Latest blog post: Announcing the Winners of the Mobile Photography Contestby Alison Duncan (2014-09-08)
  large volume package printing software (Digital Darkroom) by John E (2014-09-22)
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Monday in Nature Weekly Photo September 22, 2014 (Nature) by Laura Weishaupt (2014-09-22)
  D610 clocks way out of sync - how? (Nikon) by Peter Cohen (2014-09-22)
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  focus issue (Nikon) by Raihan Malik (2014-09-21)
  200 mm AF lenses (Nikon) by Peter Schauss (2014-09-21)
  DoF question? (Sony/Minolta SLR System) by Mark Stephan (2014-09-21)
  Portable studio flash (Lighting Equipment and Techniques) by Brandan Gomez (2014-09-21)
  MM_September 22nd. 2014 (Mirrorless Digital Cameras) by Sanford Edelstein (2014-09-21)
  What could be the best bag for me? (Accessories - Filters, Bags, Tripods) by Carlos Guaimare (2014-09-21)
How do you keep your camera in the bag? (Casual Photo Conversations) by Carlos Guaimare (2014-09-21)
Best Photo= Best Camera? (Casual Photo Conversations) by Carlos Guaimare (2014-09-21)
  Marking Film Leader by Scratching (B&W Photo - Film & Processing) by Marcus Kaneshiro (2014-09-21)
  RAW and JPEG captures (Mirrorless Digital Cameras) by andrew brown (2014-09-21)
  Missing comments (Photo.net Site Help) by Rob Ruttan (2014-09-21)
  Problem with transparency unit on epson 4870 (Digital Darkroom) by Andreas Lundin (2014-09-21)
  Fall colors in Maroobells (Travel) by Anis Shahmiri (2014-09-21)
  Free Lightroom Plugin (Digital Darkroom) by Dave Collett (2014-09-21)
  what could this possibly be for? (Accessories - Filters, Bags, Tripods) by Lars Sobaskie (2014-09-21)
Photographs of protest collected (Casual Photo Conversations) by Mukul Dube (2014-09-21)
  Best and cheapest A3 printer for.. (Digital Darkroom) by Joe The (2014-09-21)
  Born again Kodak 1A series III (Classic Manual Cameras) by Kris Bochenek (2014-09-21)
  Sony Sunday pictures of the week / 21 September 2014 (Sony/Minolta SLR System) by Howard Stanbury (2014-09-21)
Teen Photography (Casual Photo Conversations) by Landrum Kelly (2014-09-21)
500 C/M VS 503CW or other Hassy? (Medium Format) by Leonard Borger (2014-09-21)
  Alternative scanning software for Plustek (Digital Darkroom) by Keith Allen (2014-09-21)
  Nature never disappoints.....Macro Targets of Opportunity (Canon FD) by Bill C (2014-09-21)
  finding buyers/sites for my photos (Business) by zheng huang (2014-09-21)
  Order here! (Signs) (No Words) by Mike Gammill (2014-09-21)
Before and After Shots (Casual Photo Conversations) by Bill Jordan (2014-09-21)
  POTW 9/21/2014 (Pentax) by Don Myers (2014-09-21)
  Nikon 24 - 70 mm 2.8 lens (Nikon) by Steve Turner (2014-09-21)
  Difference between "Private" and "Hidden" folders (Photo.net Site Help) by Sean Patenaude (2014-09-21)
  people at work (Pictorial) (No Words) by Paul Johnson (2014-09-21)
  "W" Is for Weather (Pictorial) (No Words) by Andy Murphy (2014-09-21)
  Voigtlander Bessa Repair Advice Please (Classic Manual Cameras) by m.c. fitz (2014-09-21)
  Contrasts of the World (Pictorial) (No Words) by Luis Triguez (2014-09-21)
  Hi All, (New User Introductions) by Michael Chilcott (2014-09-21)
  Circa 1970 (Lighting Equipment and Techniques) by Steve Sint (2014-09-20)
  fujinon sw, sws ?? (Large Format) by cala ann (2014-09-20)
  Mediun Format (Medium Format) (No Words) by Mike Marcotte (2014-09-20)
  Canon FL 55mm 1.2 or 58mm 1.2 any sharper than FD 50mm 1.4 wide open? (Canon FD) by Gabriel Gerena (2014-09-20)
  360 views in Microsoft Photosynth (Digital Darkroom) by Vale Surfer (2014-09-20)
  Old bricks (B&W Photo - Film & Processing) by Didier Lamy (2014-09-20)
  My first Crown Graphic... Questions. (Large Format) by Vassiliy Zolotukhin (2014-09-20)
  Which phone can take pictures without appearing "available"? (Phone and Mobile Photography) by Jochen Schrey (2014-09-20)
  Chicago-Walgreen's Stops all One Hour Processing (Film and Processing) by Louis Meluso (2014-09-20)
  Vehicle Tail Lights (Pictorial) (No Words) by Bill Angel (2014-09-20)
  ram for Photoshop CC? (Digital Darkroom) by jon s. (2014-09-20)
  Canon FDn 300 / 4.0-L.....an outstanding 'bird lens' (Canon FD) by Bill C (2014-09-20)
  Sunshine and blue skies (Outdoor Photography) (No Words) by Mike Gammill (2014-09-20)
  How many is too many (Canon EOS) by Marvin Sodicoff (2014-09-20)
  Using the crop or other aspect ratios (Portraits and Fashion) by Bob Bill (2014-09-20)
  Dream (Pictorial) (No Words) by Andy Murphy (2014-09-20)
  Your biggest influence in photography (especially CMC) (Classic Manual Cameras) by Mike Gammill (2014-09-20)
  Classic Manual Lenses with Delicate Focus Control (Classic Manual Cameras) by Christian Fox (2014-09-20)
  Requests after images delivered (Wedding and social event photography) by Sanet Van Rooyen (2014-09-20)
  Is it possible that Kodak Ektachrome VS had more dynamic range than Velvia 50 ?! (Film and Processing) by Iosif Astrukov (2014-09-20)
  Old Advertisements (Pictorial) (No Words) by Luis Triguez (2014-09-20)
  Excessive SPAM to my email address (Photo.net Site Help) by Michael Chang (2014-09-20)
  W/NW - Pic-o'-the Week 38 (Leica and Rangefinders) by Barry Fisher (2014-09-20)
  Critique comment is not accepted.....why? (Photo.net Site Help) by Christal Steele (2014-09-19)
  HC-110 in 1L bottles (B&W Photo - Film & Processing) by glen herrmannsfeldt (2014-09-19)
  Multiple new product announcements by Leica at Photokina (Leica and Rangefinders) by Peter Shawhan (2014-09-19)
  Lighting stand and boom recommendations, please! (Lighting Equipment and Techniques) by Christal Steele (2014-09-19)
  Horse Power (Pictorial) (No Words) by Dave Kee (2014-09-19)
  A window between.......... (Pictorial) (No Words) by John Lovelace (2014-09-19)
  Natural Monsters (Pictorial) (No Words) by Young James (2014-09-19)
  Cascading Mushrooms on a tree (Canon FD) by Bill C (2014-09-19)
  A Canon FDn24-35 / 3.5-L married to an NEX-7 with it's large sensor..."Is Very Revealing" (Canon FD) by Bill C (2014-09-19)
  Some Praise for the Pentina (Classic Manual Cameras) by Rick Drawbridge (2014-09-19)
  Capture what's displayed on DSLR screen (Education) by Martin S. (2014-09-19)
  Columns (Architecture) (No Words) by Ron Breeze (2014-09-19)
  Increasing Selenium shelf life (B&W Photo - Printing & Finishing) by Ken Dunn (2014-09-19)
  Pentax LX - Dial Data Back: Replaceable? (Pentax) by Brad Cloven (2014-09-19)
  "R" Is for .. . (Pictorial) (No Words) by Andy Murphy (2014-09-19)
Any heavy duty tripod for 36 inches slider ? (Video) by Hoi Kwong (2014-09-19)
Checking a dropped lens (Casual Photo Conversations) by Colin O (2014-09-19)
  Sony 18-105 E mount - which 5n firmware version corrects distortion (Mirrorless Digital Cameras) by Mark Amos (2014-09-19)
Saturation, Vibrancy, and Contrast (Casual Photo Conversations) by Atina de Greffuhle (2014-09-19)
Scratched shutter curtain on Hasselblad H3D, should I be worried about this? (Medium Format) by Santiago Murillo (2014-09-19)
  Histogram and Live View (Canon EOS) by August Barre (2014-09-19)
  D800 Sensor Cleaning (Nikon) by Dan Brown (2014-09-19)
  Good/best DSLR backpack to hold 2 DSLRs with battery grips attached? (Accessories - Filters, Bags, Tripods) by Paul C (2014-09-19)
  Nikon Refurbished Lenses? (Nikon) by Tim Carroll (2014-09-19)

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