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 Latest blog post: Announcing the Winners of the Silhouettes & Shadows Photography Contestby Alison Duncan (2015-11-02)
  380EX -external cable-short exposures-zoom (Canon EOS) by michael przewrocki (2015-11-29)
  Broken (Pictorial) (No Words) by Luis Triguez (2015-11-29)
  Canon Rebel T5 18MP DSLR Camera w/18-55 & 75-300mm USM Lenses (Beginner Photography Questions) by Jennifer Warren (2015-11-29)
Does camera shake effect all cameras the same? (Casual Photo Conversations) by Bruce Campbell (2015-11-28)
  Exposed Delta 3200 8 months old (B&W Photo - Film & Processing) by Dave Luttmann (2015-11-28)
  Filters Physical Explanation (Beginner Photography Questions) by Ciaran McMenemy (2015-11-28)
What is wrong with my Hasselblad lens? (Medium Format) by Sam Ng (2015-11-28)
  Nikon FE2 Mishap (Nikon) by John-Paul Palescandolo (2015-11-28)
  Arts house (ex. opera) (Architecture) (No Words) by John Lovelace (2015-11-28)
  Can LV on the D600 show actual exposure? (Nikon) by Chuck Fan (2015-11-28)
  a lost art (B&W Photo - Printing & Finishing) by glen herrmannsfeldt (2015-11-28)
  Summitar filter (Leica and Rangefinders) by Warren Williams (2015-11-28)
  Developing C-41 film with 'pushing' (Film and Processing) by Ciaran McMenemy (2015-11-28)
  tethering Nikon D 610 to Mac OSX 10.6.8 (Nikon) by Federico Caponi (2015-11-28)
  Purchasing used cameras online from Japan (Classic Manual Cameras) by Ray . (2015-11-28)
  Old mechanism (Pictorial) (No Words) by Robert Mounier (2015-11-28)
  Help finding a lab for Fuji Pearl + Linen Texture up to 40" (Film and Processing) by Noah Bryant (2015-11-28)
Kodak DCS 760- Collectible or Trash? (Casual Photo Conversations) by Robert Marsch (2015-11-28)
  E2 and E3 (Film and Processing) by glen herrmannsfeldt (2015-11-28)
  Canon V Nikon (Nikon) by Bill Petersen (2015-11-28)
  testy test (Test Posting) by Ben Norman (2015-11-28)
  Bricks (Pictorial) (No Words) by Luis Triguez (2015-11-28)
  Corners (Pictorial) (No Words) by Andy Murphy (2015-11-28)
  E-6(-) film developing (Film and Processing) by Kadir Kirisci (2015-11-28)
  iMac 27" 5K or MBP with NEC spectraview? (Digital Darkroom) by Alex Jaimes (2015-11-28)
  Foreshorten Distortion (Pictorial) (No Words) by Tim Lookingbill (2015-11-27)
  It's lenses like this which make me want to move to Micro 4/3 - the Leica 100-400mm (Mirrorless Digital Cameras) by Karim Ghantous (2015-11-27)
  Some thought on scanning and pixel peeping (Digital Darkroom) by J-P Dupre (2015-11-27)
  letting some magenta light through your black and white photo while enlarging (B&W Photo - Printing & Finishing) by Drew D'Ascoli (2015-11-27)
  W/NW Pic O' the Week #48 (Leica and Rangefinders) by Barry Fisher (2015-11-27)
  'Digital images can't be trusted...' (Digital Darkroom) by Dean Taylor (2015-11-27)
  Indoor model train displays (Leica and Rangefinders) by Dr. Karl Hoppe (2015-11-27)
  What Camera? (Beginner Photography Questions) by Bill Petersen (2015-11-27)
  Camranger & Flash question (Canon EOS) by John Pike (2015-11-27)
  Canon 7 : setting the shutter speed : (Leica and Rangefinders) by James Turner (2015-11-27)
  Which photo book service? (Digital Darkroom) by Christopher Thompson (2015-11-27)
  New version of Capture NX-D and View NX-i (Nikon) by Adriano Ficarelli (2015-11-27)
  SB 900 battery level readout (Lighting Equipment and Techniques) by Joe Dempsey (2015-11-27)
  Tripod recommendation for macro, portraits, and more (Accessories - Filters, Bags, Tripods) by Dawn McKinley (2015-11-27)
  Wide (Photo Techniques) (No Words) by Ron Breeze (2015-11-27)
  POTW_November 27th, 2015 (Olympus and Four-Thirds) by Sanford Edelstein (2015-11-27)
Canon G7 to minolta lenses conversion (Casual Photo Conversations) by David Smyth (2015-11-27)
What equipment should I bring? (Nature) by Joxean Koret (2015-11-27)
  In the spotlight (Pictorial) (No Words) by Harry Baker (2015-11-27)
  Phone Phriday - 11/27 (Phone and Mobile Photography) by Peter B. (2015-11-27)
  How can it be so cheap to develope? (Film and Processing) by Kadir Kirisci (2015-11-27)
  Window Shutters (Pictorial) (No Words) by Luis Triguez (2015-11-27)
  "R" Is for ... . (Pictorial) (No Words) by Andy Murphy (2015-11-27)
  Multi-sport lens for beginning journalist (Sports) by Megan Studdard (2015-11-26)
  What's the cure for a stick film door? (Modern Film Cameras) by Mark Stephan (2015-11-26)
  Portrait lens advice? (Canon EOS) by Mark Stephan (2015-11-26)
  FF Sony to microscope - will this work to create a flat field? (Digital Darkroom) by Shawn Gibson (2015-11-26)
  Modern Film Cameras Weekend, Nov. 27 (Modern Film Cameras) by Mike Gammill (2015-11-26)
  Classic Manual Camera Weekend, Nov. 27 (Classic Manual Cameras) by Mike Gammill (2015-11-26)
  D810 exposure compensation problem (Nikon) by Kryn Sporry (2015-11-26)
  Nikon D750 C Firmware Update Version 1.10 (Nikon) by Shun Cheung (2015-11-26)
Predicting sunses with apps and non apps? (Casual Photo Conversations) by Ray - (2015-11-26)
  best book to learn 70d (Beginner Photography Questions) by Bruce Bourton (2015-11-26)
  daguerreotype process (Film and Processing) by Dean Taylor (2015-11-26)
  Canon Thursday #48 (Canon EOS) by Jeff Spirer (2015-11-26)
  Canon 50/1:1.2 front element & filter proximity query (Accessories - Filters, Bags, Tripods) by James Turner (2015-11-26)
  A splash of colour (Pictorial) (No Words) by Harry Baker (2015-11-26)
  LACDA "Snap to Grid" Open Call, every entry shown! (Contests and Other Opportunities) by Jay Frank (2015-11-26)
  Soft focus (People Photography) (No Words) by Yury UKhov (2015-11-26)
  Backlight (Pictorial) (No Words) by Andy Murphy (2015-11-26)
  Nikkor 105mm f/2.5 AI-s (on Nikon F3 HP), help (Modern Film Cameras) by Vlad Milanovski (2015-11-26)

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