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Monday in Nature January 23, 2017 (Nature) by Laura Weishaupt (2017-01-23)
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W/NW Medium Format Photo of the Month: January 2017 (Medium Format) by Giovanni Cappai (2017-01-23)
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  Signs from Demonstrations (Social Commentary) (No Words) by Rick Bortnick (2017-01-22)
  16-35 2.8 parts needed (Canon EOS) by Rob Krueger (2017-01-22)
  Monochrome (Abstract) (No Words) by Michael Linder (2017-01-22)
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  Rules and regs of this forum (Classic Manual Cameras) by Kris Bochenek (2017-01-22)
  Sunrise or sunset silhouette (Pictorial) (No Words) by Glenn McCreery (2017-01-22)
  Sony/Minolta pictures of the week | 22 January (Sony/Minolta SLR System) by Mukul Dube (2017-01-22)
  Mirrorless Monday, January 23rd, 2017 (Mirrorless Digital Cameras) by Sanford Edelstein (2017-01-22)
  D750 DOF (Nikon) by Errol Young (2017-01-22)
  Peacock (Birds) (No Words) by Yury UKhov (2017-01-22)
  Photos for sale with no release form (Business) by Dima R (2017-01-22)
  Really want to do tintype photography, but with a 35mm camera (B&W Photo - Film & Processing) by justin ng (2017-01-22)
  Minimalism (Pictorial) (No Words) by Andy Murphy (2017-01-22)
  What is the best photo book for B&W (B&W Photo - Printing & Finishing) by Martin Tai (2017-01-22)
  Found repair manuals for films camera (Classic Manual Cameras) by Jarrett Hunt (2017-01-22)
  January (Outdoor Photography) (No Words) by Timo Hartikainen (2017-01-22)
  F4 (Nikon) by Mark Fewtrell (2017-01-22)
  fence (Pictorial) (No Words) by Paul Johnson (2017-01-22)
  POTW (Street & Documentary) by norman naffington (2017-01-22)
  Sorrow (People) (No Words) by Luis Triguez (2017-01-22)
  Minolta HiMatic 7S (Classic Manual Cameras) by Don Harpold (2017-01-22)
  POTW 1/22/2017 (Pentax) by Douglas Stemke (2017-01-22)
Hasselblad 501CM / A12 Magazine Status Indicator (Medium Format) by Jim Slife (2017-01-21)
  DIY Interior Decorating (Pictorial) (No Words) by Tim Lookingbill (2017-01-21)
  Ebay hiding some sold item from historic search (Minox) by Martin Tai (2017-01-21)
  Diamond mesh embosed Minox 8x11 (Minox) by Martin Tai (2017-01-21)
  How should I price my work? (Business) by Jason MacDonald (2017-01-21)
  Ladybug (Pictorial) (No Words) by Yury UKhov (2017-01-21)
Why is 12mp better than 42mp for HD video? (Video) by REMY DUBOIS (2017-01-21)
Hasselblad CFV 16 Problems (Medium Format) by Brent Pennelly (2017-01-21)
  Antiques (Pictorial) (No Words) by Andy Murphy (2017-01-21)
  Vest Pocket Kodak Autograph Special (Classic Manual Cameras) by Ray Armstrong (2017-01-21)
  Best Film Processing NOTEBOOK (B&W Photo - Film & Processing) by carlos prado (2017-01-21)
Landscape: 6x9 camera vs. Mamiya 7 w. 50 or 43 (Medium Format) by james r (2017-01-21)
  More Blasts from the Past (Classic Manual Cameras) by John Seaman (2017-01-21)
  As Good as it Gets (Classic Manual Cameras) by Rick Drawbridge (2017-01-21)
  Ponytail or Braid of Hair (People) (No Words) by Luis Triguez (2017-01-21)
  Olympus XA-2 new seals (Modern Film Cameras) by Robert Giles (2017-01-21)
  Sometimes it doesn't work out... (Classic Manual Cameras) by Ralf J. (2017-01-21)
  W/NW Pic O the Week # 4 (Leica and Rangefinders) by Barry Fisher (2017-01-20)
  Minox LX GOLD SELECTION SOLD FOR $29 ! (Minox) by Martin Tai (2017-01-20)
Best value lens for Canon 6D night photography (Nature) by Candida Smith (2017-01-20)
  White Shadow () (No Words) by Donald Miller (2017-01-20)
  How do you work in the field? (Landscape Photography) by Bill Bowes (2017-01-20)
  Inaugaration day () (No Words) by Donald Miller (2017-01-20)
  Whisky () (No Words) by Michael Linder (2017-01-20)
  Call for Submissions: 2017 Spirit of Flight Photography Exhibition (Contests and Other Opportunities) by Spirit of Flight (2017-01-20)
Hasselblad X1D color depth (Medium Format) by Benjamin Kim (2017-01-20)
  MINOX AX GOLD (Minox) by Martin Tai (2017-01-20)
Mechanical shutter construction and design? (Medium Format) by Adam Frisch (2017-01-20)
  Tutorial on Nikon SB-910 (Lighting Equipment and Techniques) by Kim Kacher (2017-01-20)

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