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 Latest blog post: Macro Photography Contest Launched! by Glenn Palm (2016-01-12)
  New Website for James C. Williams Photography (Website Creation) by James C. Williams (2016-02-06)
can't advance film in my camera (Medium Format) by John Garner (2016-02-06)
  Phottix Odin/ Nikon SB800 Question (Lighting Equipment and Techniques) by Nick Sanyal (2016-02-06)
  Landscape with a cow (Seasons) (No Words) by Yury UKhov (2016-02-06)
Mamiya 330 TLR. Issues? (Medium Format) by neil poulsen (2016-02-06)
  RPX 400 (Film and Processing) by Chuck Foreman (2016-02-06)
  Rodagon WA lens (Large Format) by John Wiegerink (2016-02-06)
  Alternatives to LI for Medium Format (B&W Photo - Printing & Finishing) by Kelly McGrew (2016-02-06)
  OM-2S Shutter problem (Olympus and Four-Thirds) by Pavel Finashov (2016-02-06)
  Pscyhological Question (Nikon) by James noel (2016-02-06)
  Help with F5 repair appreciated (Nikon) by Peter Burridge (2016-02-06)
  Getting a 5D mark III? (Canon EOS) by Maria Tellblom (2016-02-06)
  Two new, ironically priced film scanning products (Film and Processing) by Karim Ghantous (2016-02-06)
  A Konica Thrown In... (Classic Manual Cameras) by Rick Drawbridge (2016-02-06)
  Verdigris (Pictorial) (No Words) by Luis Triguez (2016-02-06)
  Chipped Adapters-EMF (Canon EOS) by michael przewrocki (2016-02-06)
  X Is for Experimrntal (Pictorial) (No Words) by Andy Murphy (2016-02-06)
  Nature's Salad (Nature Photography) (No Words) by Tim Lookingbill (2016-02-05)
  Sony a7RM2 serial number in exif? (Mirrorless Digital Cameras) by Steven Seelig (2016-02-05)
  F2 Nikon w/Nikon 28-80mm f3.3-5.6 AF G Lens (Classic Manual Cameras) by Peter Korzaan (2016-02-05)
Removing pen from focusing screen (Medium Format) by Phil Dodd (2016-02-05)
  Art Appreciation (People) (No Words) by Jeanne Hauschild (2016-02-05)
  W/NW - Pic O' The Week #6 (Leica and Rangefinders) by Barry Fisher (2016-02-05)
What's the deal with the K1000? (Casual Photo Conversations) by Spencer Lange (2016-02-05)
  used D810 or new D500 (Nikon) by David Simon (2016-02-05)
  Abstract nature (B/W) (Nature Photography) (No Words) by Anders Hingel (2016-02-05)
  Why won't a "T" ring adapter fit my cameras? (Sony/Minolta SLR System) by Bob Grosh (2016-02-05)
Distortion In Top Strip Of Every Frame (500 cm / 80mm Zeiss) (Medium Format) by Jonathan Higbee (2016-02-05)
  Teleconverter contacts and the f8 requirement (Canon EOS) by Patrick S (2016-02-05)
  Photography lessons in exchange for english lessons (Education) by Alex Marlin (2016-02-05)
  Phottix Odin II - Finally! (Lighting Equipment and Techniques) by Walker Angell (2016-02-05)
  Stained Glass -- Secular (Pictorial) (No Words) by Sandy Vongries (2016-02-05)
  Stronger and longer strap for Mamiya 7 II (Leica and Rangefinders) by Todd Synder (2016-02-05)
  earth wall () (No Words) by Dongchuan Lu (2016-02-05)
  Summicron50/2 Radioactive? (Leica and Rangefinders) by Drew Bedo (2016-02-05)
  Phone Phriday - Feb 5 (Phone and Mobile Photography) by Peter B. (2016-02-05)
  WA Enlarging Lens (B&W Photo - Printing & Finishing) by John Wiegerink (2016-02-05)
  Best sharpness budget midrange zoom for fullframe (Canon EOS) by Victor Reis (2016-02-05)
  fx vs dx for wildlife (Beginner Photography Questions) by Apurva Jain (2016-02-05)
How to Take Snapshot from a Video (Video) by Annita David (2016-02-05)
  Df reliability. (Nikon) by Ruslan Lavrentyev (2016-02-05)
  Activity of Seniors in the Park (Action) (No Words) by Luis Triguez (2016-02-05)
  Concerned about sending requested hi-resolution files for publicity purposes... (Business) by Jeff Z. (2016-02-05)
  Sunset (Pictorial) (No Words) by Andy Murphy (2016-02-05)
  Light Haze on Film in Minolta XD-7 - Help! (Classic Manual Cameras) by Sam Massey (2016-02-05)
  No idea when or why I shot this () (No Words) by Donald Miller (2016-02-05)
  EOS 1v shutter question (Modern Film Cameras) by Carl Follstad (2016-02-04)
Loupe for 6x7 (Medium Format) by Barry R (2016-02-04)
  POTW_February 5th, 2016 (Olympus and Four-Thirds) by Sanford Edelstein (2016-02-04)
  What Is This? (Film and Processing) by Allan Schoening (2016-02-04)
  Canon 5D mark II - Sensor cleaning (Canon EOS) by Hugo Maia (2016-02-04)
  sensor (Leica and Rangefinders) by hootan salamat (2016-02-04)
  New Grey Market or Used? (Nikon) by Jun Jung (2016-02-04)
  Curved Streaks on Film (Film and Processing) by Kenneth Swoyer (2016-02-04)
  Curved streaks on film - cannot determine cause. (Nikon) by Kenneth Swoyer (2016-02-04)
  Nikon Coolscan V LS-21 Focusing Problem (Digital Darkroom) by Phil Gunderson (2016-02-04)
  Classic Manual Camera Weekend, Feb. 5 (Classic Manual Cameras) by Mike Gammill (2016-02-04)
  Wildlife watching (Outdoor Photography) (No Words) by Glenn McCreery (2016-02-04)
  Fuji just dropped a huge X-E2 firmware update (Mirrorless Digital Cameras) by Andy L (2016-02-04)
  Window views as Art (Fine Art) (No Words) by Sandy Vongries (2016-02-04)
645 Repairs??? (Medium Format) by John Miller (2016-02-04)
  Voigtlander 58mm Nocton f/1.4 (Nikon) by Kenneth Smith (2016-02-04)
  What's this called ? (Nikon) by martin carter (2016-02-04)
  Canon Leica-Copy Rangefinder Question (Leica and Rangefinders) by Alek Salka (2016-02-04)
  My Panasonic 25 f1.7 was cancelled by B&H (Olympus and Four-Thirds) by Mark Stephan (2016-02-04)
  Gymnasium Portrait/still shots (Portraits and Fashion) by Brian Mcneill (2016-02-04)
Has anyone else noticed techradars... (Casual Photo Conversations) by Bruce Campbell (2016-02-04)
  Nikon D500 Initial Shipment Delay (Nikon) by Shun Cheung (2016-02-04)
  Video: Landscape photography at Ladybower Reservoir with Olympus OMD's (Olympus and Four-Thirds) by craig roberts (2016-02-04)
  Everyday abstract (B&W) (No Words) by Harry Baker (2016-02-04)
  Leaf C MOST (Large Format) by fernand naudin (2016-02-04)
  Faux Ambrotypes (B&W Photo - Printing & Finishing) by john cox (2016-02-04)
Hasselblad H series lenses (Medium Format) by Gebriel Rafiev (2016-02-04)
  new fd vs fd (Canon FD) by Christian Canturia (2016-02-04)
  Canon ae 1 DOF (Canon FD) by Christian Canturia (2016-02-04)
  Carried on the Back (Pictorial) (No Words) by Luis Triguez (2016-02-04)
  Sony Introduces New α6300 Camera with World’s Fastest Autofocus (News) by Photo.net Industry News (2016-02-04)
  Canon Thursday #5 (Canon EOS) by Robin Smith (2016-02-04)
  Sony Announces New G series: Three new models including 24-70mm F2.8 Zoom, 85mm F1.4 Prime and 70-200mm F2.8 Zoom deliver unrivaled imaging experiences (News) by Photo.net Industry News (2016-02-04)
  Atmosphere (Pictorial) (No Words) by Andy Murphy (2016-02-04)
  Lab for Large Group Composite Prints (Digital Darkroom) by Greg Flynn (2016-02-03)
  Nikon D810 $500 Discount at B&H (Nikon) by Keith L (2016-02-03)
What is Rangefinder (Casual Photo Conversations) by BeBu Lamar (2016-02-03)
W/NW Medium Format Photo of the Month - Feb 2016 (Medium Format) by Bill Bowes (2016-02-03)
Story behind a photo (Casual Photo Conversations) by Supriyo Bhattacharya (2016-02-03)
  Polaroid (Classic Cameras) (No Words) by Spencer Lange (2016-02-03)
  Clouds (B&W) (No Words) by Ron Breeze (2016-02-03)
  Minox III is 1950 (Minox) by Martin Tai (2016-02-03)
  two Epson 11880 printers and a problem with each one of them: blocked nozzles; complete Magenta-holdup (Digital Darkroom) by Mayo Gosz (2016-02-03)
  Which 50? (Leica and Rangefinders) by Andrew Viny (2016-02-03)
  What type of studio equipment I should use to get the texture in my work? (Lighting Equipment and Techniques) by Laura Iosifescu (2016-02-03)
  Setting an Olympus EM camera to manual focus? (Olympus and Four-Thirds) by fast primes (2016-02-03)
  Sony Announced Three New Lenses (Mirrorless Digital Cameras) by Edward Ingold (2016-02-03)
  NEWS: Sony Launches New A63000 Camera and Three New Lenses (Mirrorless Digital Cameras) by Louis Meluso (2016-02-03)

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