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 Latest blog post: Announcing the Winners of the Silhouettes & Shadows Photography Contestby Alison Duncan (2015-11-02)
  Kodak 1a and 2cRangefinders (Classic Manual Cameras) by Mathew Hargreaves (2015-11-30)
  Motion (Action) (No Words) by Ron Breeze (2015-11-30)
  Cyber Monday Deal worth it? Nikon D3300 $499 (Beginner Photography Questions) by Marlon Norman (2015-11-30)
  105mm VR macro - are relatively heavy aberrations normal? (Nikon) by Greg Funka (2015-11-30)
  yashica 35 gsn red light blinking (Leica and Rangefinders) by Zoran Kusalo (2015-11-30)
  KS-1 or K-50 (Pentax) by Mark DeMoss (2015-11-30)
  photo book with fiber prints (B&W Photo - Printing & Finishing) by Dave Gustafson (2015-11-30)
  Say goodbye to Holga (Alternative Cameras & Lenses) by Henry Posner (2015-11-30)
  Canon 50/1.2 front element & filter proximity query (Leica and Rangefinders) by James Turner (2015-11-30)
  Colour of Highlights and Shadows and Warming via Offset (Digital Darkroom) by Atina de Greffuhle (2015-11-30)
  Voigtlander Superb lens cap (Classic Manual Cameras) by rajmohan fotograf (2015-11-30)
  Should i try to go pro ? ? (Business) by Sylvain K (2015-11-30)
  Should i go pro ? (New User Introductions) by Sylvain K (2015-11-30)
  Sony/Minolta pictures of the week / 29 Nov 2015 (Sony/Minolta SLR System) by Paul De Ley (2015-11-30)
  Speedlites versus Metz SCA 3000-system-cables (Canon EOS) by michael przewrocki (2015-11-30)
  Light (Pictorial) (No Words) by Andy Murphy (2015-11-30)
  Nikon 85mm 1.8G or Batis Zeiss 85mm 1.8 on A7II (Mirrorless Digital Cameras) by Larry Jones (2015-11-30)
Monday in Nature Weekly Photo Nov. 30, 2015 (Nature) by Laura Weishaupt (2015-11-30)
  Nikon D4 - XQD card won't latch - will latch (Nikon) by Neil Grant (2015-11-30)
  Robes/Gows (Pictorial) (No Words) by Luis Triguez (2015-11-30)
  Using the Nikon 85F1.8 G on D3xxx/D5xxx? (Nikon) by fast primes (2015-11-29)
  50mm Zeiss Contax Sonnar f:2.0 vs f:1.5 (Leica and Rangefinders) by Bill Mitchell (2015-11-29)
  Underwater cameras today vs. my Pani LX3 (Mirrorless Digital Cameras) by Mark Amos (2015-11-29)
  How to denoise a B&W image? (Digital Darkroom) by Jochen Schrey (2015-11-29)
  Getting The Image Straight (B&W Photo - Film & Processing) by Steven Kenney (2015-11-29)
  What did you shoot recently – December 2015 (Wedding and social event photography) by William W (2015-11-29)
  Digital Zoom Camera with built in FTP client...Do they exist? (Nikon) by Roger Grant (2015-11-29)
  W/NW_Photoshop Fakes (Street & Documentary) by Sanford Edelstein (2015-11-29)
  Nikkor lens on Contax/yc camera (Classic Manual Cameras) by Mike Blume (2015-11-29)
  Yashica MG-1 (Classic Manual Cameras) by John P (2015-11-29)
  Nikon D750 Interval timing cadence (Nikon) by AJ Epstein (2015-11-29)
  Make a chain standing (Beginner Photography Questions) by impr pht (2015-11-29)
  Pictures as occasions. (Philosophy of Photography) by Alan Zinn (2015-11-29)
  POTW 11/29/2015 (Pentax) by Douglas Stemke (2015-11-29)
  Great savings on Pentax lenses-about to end! (Pentax) by Michael Kuhne (2015-11-29)
  A single by-convex condenser or a pair of 2¼ condensers (B&W Photo - Printing & Finishing) by Charles James Gillard (2015-11-29)
  T5 vs Nikon D3300 (Canon EOS) by Bill Petersen (2015-11-29)
  Mirrorless Monday_November 30th, 2015 (Mirrorless Digital Cameras) by Sanford Edelstein (2015-11-29)
  One of Your Best Black & White Images (Pictorial) (No Words) by Andy Murphy (2015-11-29)
  CANON FD 135mm 2.8 MACRO (Canon FD) by Mark Fewtrell (2015-11-29)
  Minolta Scan Multi Lamp Repair - How To (Digital Darkroom) by Henry Clark (2015-11-29)
  380EX -external cable-short exposures-zoom (Canon EOS) by michael przewrocki (2015-11-29)
  Broken (Pictorial) (No Words) by Luis Triguez (2015-11-29)
  Canon Rebel T5 18MP DSLR Camera w/18-55 & 75-300mm USM Lenses (Beginner Photography Questions) by Jennifer Warren (2015-11-29)
Does camera shake effect all cameras the same? (Casual Photo Conversations) by Bruce Campbell (2015-11-28)
  Exposed Delta 3200 8 months old (B&W Photo - Film & Processing) by Dave Luttmann (2015-11-28)
  Filters Physical Explanation (Beginner Photography Questions) by Ciaran McMenemy (2015-11-28)
What is wrong with my Hasselblad lens? (Medium Format) by Sam Ng (2015-11-28)
  Nikon FE2 Mishap (Nikon) by John-Paul Palescandolo (2015-11-28)
  Arts house (ex. opera) (Architecture) (No Words) by John Lovelace (2015-11-28)
  Can LV on the D600 show actual exposure? (Nikon) by Chuck Fan (2015-11-28)
  a lost art (B&W Photo - Printing & Finishing) by glen herrmannsfeldt (2015-11-28)
  Summitar filter (Leica and Rangefinders) by Warren Williams (2015-11-28)
  Developing C-41 film with 'pushing' (Film and Processing) by Ciaran McMenemy (2015-11-28)
  tethering Nikon D 610 to Mac OSX 10.6.8 (Nikon) by Federico Caponi (2015-11-28)
  Purchasing used cameras online from Japan (Classic Manual Cameras) by Ray . (2015-11-28)
  Old mechanism (Pictorial) (No Words) by Robert Mounier (2015-11-28)
  Help finding a lab for Fuji Pearl + Linen Texture up to 40" (Film and Processing) by Noah Bryant (2015-11-28)
Kodak DCS 760- Collectible or Trash? (Casual Photo Conversations) by Robert Marsch (2015-11-28)
  E2 and E3 (Film and Processing) by glen herrmannsfeldt (2015-11-28)
  Canon V Nikon (Nikon) by Bill Petersen (2015-11-28)
  testy test (Test Posting) by Ben Norman (2015-11-28)
  Bricks (Pictorial) (No Words) by Luis Triguez (2015-11-28)
  Corners (Pictorial) (No Words) by Andy Murphy (2015-11-28)
  E-6(-) film developing (Film and Processing) by Kadir Kirisci (2015-11-28)
  iMac 27" 5K or MBP with NEC spectraview? (Digital Darkroom) by Alex Jaimes (2015-11-28)
  Foreshorten Distortion (Pictorial) (No Words) by Tim Lookingbill (2015-11-27)
  It's lenses like this which make me want to move to Micro 4/3 - the Leica 100-400mm (Mirrorless Digital Cameras) by Karim Ghantous (2015-11-27)
  Some thought on scanning and pixel peeping (Digital Darkroom) by J-P Dupre (2015-11-27)

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