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This forum is for basic questions about techniques for new photographers. Due to this, the Beginner's forum is much more tightly moderated than other Photo.net forums.Experienced photographers who can offer patient, helpful and informative replies are greatly appreciated here!

You can find great links to illustrated tutorials here

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About This Forum

This forum is intended to be used by beginners who have basic photographic questions. For the most part, these should be about photographic technique or theory. "What should I buy" type questions stand a good chance of being sent to a forum dealing with that specific sort of equipment. Critique requests should be made in the Photo Critique forum.

Rude or unhelpful posts will be deleted, and rude and unhelpful posters will be suspended from the forum. Threads that don't fit the "beginner" designation will be moved to a more appropriate forum. In short, this forum is much more tightly moderated than other Photo.net forums.

The moderator of this forum is James Dainis.

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