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Rollei Pan 25

Jon Martin , Jan 27, 2006; 08:11 p.m.

I ordered some Rollei Pan 25 recently. I haven't used it before, and was hoping for suggestions in developing. I use HC-110 and Rodinal usually, so suggestions using these developers would be greatly appreciated. So, what do you guys think of this film? Alternatives you prefer (for slow speed film)?




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Dan Schwartz , Jan 27, 2006; 10:36 p.m.

Whoa horsey!

What is Rollei Pan 25?

Where did you find this film?

Nikos Peri , Jan 28, 2006; 01:09 a.m.

Rollei Pan pdf

Haven't tried it yet... still have TechPan in the freezer. Very curious though.

Jon Martin , Jan 28, 2006; 01:26 a.m.


You can order it through B&H (special order). I ordered a couple of rolls (120). I haven't seen much discussion on photo.net. I was hoping for a head start on developing. I've heard people suggest it's like Efke (sp?) or Maco 25. Do you guys have regiments for developing these films using HC-110 or Rodinal?


Nikos Peri , Jan 28, 2006; 01:50 a.m.

Last issue of UK magazine Black & White Photography did a test of some of the Rollei films, although I think they tried the Ortho 25, not the Pan. Will have a look if I still have it.

For pictorial use, it behaves much like TechPan as it is primarily a document film. To get sufficiently low contrasts with a conventional developer such as HC110 or Rodinal you need some very high dilutions. Like I said, I haven't tried the Rollei (which I believe is made for them by Maco, or Foma or someone Eastern Euro), but have done TP in Rodinal 1:100 and higher.

Robert Vonk , Jan 28, 2006; 04:04 a.m.

The Rollei Pan25 is a new ultra fine grain emulsion. So far I have tested the film with the AM74 developer from Amaloco, the manufacturer of the Rollei H.S. But D76/ID11 will also do also fine with this film. Rodinal will be the next test.

Here an example of the Rollei Pan25 film, made during my last visit in Prague. (Leica M7-Summicron 2,0/50mm on f=2,0 t=1/8S.)

Best regards,



All our Rollei info is on the Dutch web site: *Assortiment* --> *Rollei/Maco* All Rollei films are tested in the Dutch magazine "Fotografie" F+D (Photo&Darkroom) December 2005!

Aurelien Le Duc , Jan 28, 2006; 04:43 a.m.

I've just processed a rolleipan25. It's a very wonderful film, very close of APX25. But it's not a copy or relabelled MacoUP25. It's clearly a new film.


Robert Vonk , Jan 28, 2006; 05:30 a.m.

Thanks Aurelien, for your interest in the new Rollei films. Again a picture but now from the Old Time Square in Prague, the well known astronomical clock. (Also on a Rollei film)

Next month (February) our Fotohuis will have a special price for all Rollei films and our Rollei test kits (chemicals included). *Nieuws/News* on our NL-website.


Dan Schwartz , Jan 28, 2006; 12:42 p.m.

Has anybody tried Rollei Pan 25 in Technidol?

Robert: Can you give me a link to your site that bypasses the Flash intro? The generic link you give: http://www.FotohuisRoVo.nl is running afoul of my IE6 security settings.

John: How much was the Rollei Pan 25 at B&H?

Robert Vonk , Jan 28, 2006; 01:12 p.m.

Yes, within a month we are going into a real web shop, like B&H. Without flash, for Mac users and in three currency: Eur, US$ and GBP.


For the time being for you....



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