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Announcing Member Voting Winners of the Structure Photo Contest

Congrats to Patrick Flynn and Line Martel for winning 1st and 2nd place, respectively, of the member vote. 

Patrick Flynn's "Curvy" received 30 member votes.  

Line Martel's "Irving Convention Center" received 16 votes. 

Thank you so much to everyone who entered.  The talent was immeasurable!  To see all entries, click here

The Eyeist winner will be announced soon!  Stay tuned. 

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Style Photo Contest Winners Announced

Congrats to our two February Photo Contest winners!  There was a tie in our Style contest! 

Untitled by Henri Njuma


and Retro Fashion by James Markus

Both winners have received $150 to use with CanvasPop.  All Photographers who entered the contest will receive a $20 voucher via email.  You should have this by the end of the day on Friday. 

The March contest, Structure, is now live! 

Performance Photo Contest Winners Announced

Congrats to our really amazing Performance Photo Contest winners! 

San Francisco Blues by ML M

Mike will receive his choice of Adobe Lightroom or Adobe Photoshop Elements. 

Musician on Wall Street by Kevin Fryer


MikelParis (MP) has graced stages worldwide; from performing with STOMP to collaborating with artists such as Pink, Train, and Jewel. MP has been releasing songs from his first albm "HIHOWAREYA vol. 1," filming his travel and music show, TuneTrek, and developing a multimedia live show. To listen to more of MikelParis' music and see videos, visit MikelParis.com. To view his photography, listen to his music, and see his videos, visit TuneTrek.

Guest Judge Winner 
Musician on Wall Street by Kevin Fryer, as seen above. 
Kevin is the winner of two categories this month!  He will receive a package from MikelParis with some very cool swag.  What MikelParis had to say: 

I’m a big fan of guerrilla photography and especially capturing street musicians in their environment.
I choose this as my winner because the photographer saw this as a moment in time.  Most people I’m sure walk by him without a glance.  I love all the lines in the picture.  His flute is perfectly in line with the line of the wall behind him.  The solidity and permanence of the stone behind him suggests that the street flautists life is firmly planted on the streets yet the stairs next to him imply a way to ascend to somewhere else.  Perhaps a better place.   I love how much height above the flautist was left in the picture.  As important to the picture as the man.    The grime of his shoes matches the grime of the wall.   I discover something new each time I look at the photo.  Is that a tennis ball in the cup?  Is that his cigarette near the step?  I really like the color treatment of the photo.  Muted and drab yet the flag and his Brooklyn hat pop.    And I wonder what melody he's playing.  Our minds can fill that in.   Well done.

Honorable Mention
Music is my life by Maurizio Moro

What MikelParis had to say about "Music is my life":

Capturing the smile of the musician speaks to me that he feels the joy of playing music whenever and wherever he is.   I like the angle of the shot giving added movement and motion.   Seeing the other instrumentalists blurry in the back ground give wonderful depth to the shot.   I also like that you don't really know the setting.  All that’s important is a group of musicians creating music together.    Nice!


Honorable Mention
"The Cossack." by Saad Salem

What MikelParis had to say about "The Cossack":

This is one of those "wait for the moment" shots.   When I was a kid, I used to stand in my backyard with my camera waiting for birds to land on the bird feeder to capture that “wait for the moment” shot.
The composition of this shot is great.   The angles of the arms, out flung shirt, legs, floor and the pillar in the back all relate so well together.  The framing is very well balanced and the black and white choice help give that old world and foreign feel.  Well done.

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Holiday Photo Contest Winners Announced

Happy New Year!  Congrats to our Happy Holidays Photo Contest Winners!

First place, member vote:
Christmas Spirit by Mark Keefer

Mark will receive a Tamron 18-270 f/3.5-6.3 lens!


2nd place, member vote:
First snow of the season in Quebec city by Gaetan Chevalier. 

Gaetan will receive a package of high end business cards from PlasticPrinters.com.

3rd place, member vote
Santa's Little Helper by Tiffany Brook

Tiffany received $100 to spend at CanvasPop.com

Winner, Facebook likes:
All is Calm, All is Bright by Patrick Flynn

Patrick will receive $100 to spend on a Blurb project.

Congrats to the winners!  The next contest will be up soon.  The theme: Performance Photography (concerts, dance, theatre, etc.). 

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Family Photo Contest Winners Announced

You all have enchanting families!

Note: Please click the photographs below to view them larger.  You can view all contest submissions here

Congratulations to Magnar Børnes for winning member vote as well as winning the Tamron 24-70 VC lens with this very touching photo, "fishing with grandfather."


Congrats also to Scott Tyrrell for winning second place with "Indian Family Sunset."  Scott will receive lovely, unique plastic business cards featuring his photography from PlasticPrinters.com

Our guest judge this month is Eyeist reviewer, Cindy Hicks.  Ms. Hicks is a Creative Director/Art Producer, the last 15 years spent with one of the top Advertising agencies; The Martin Agency as a senior art producer. She's worked with many prestigious clients including: Walmart, Timberland, Expedia, John F. Kennedy Library Museum, BF Goodrich, Hanes, Barely There and many more. 

Cindy chose Andrey Vahrushew's "Bзгляд."  Here is what she had to say: 
This image evokes (for me) a point in a child's & parent's life where a child is growing up, maybe going to camp for the first time & the parent, letting go a little. The B&W adds to the timelessness of the image.  The lighting & tones in the image are lovely.

Andrey will receive a Live Review with a reviewer of his choice at Eyeist.com.


A few additional comments from Cindy:

On Seth Rubin's beautiful moment between father and newborn
This image i kept coming back to, though it is a photo that is shot often, this has details which make it stand out: the lighting, the background allows you to focus on the moment between the father & son, and a their profiles are so perfect. 


On Sumit Kohli's "Ahuja Race!": 
This one I chose because of the like in it,  a great alternative to a standard group shot, the look on the father's face, the middle son trying have to beat his older brother & the little one's open arms.  A wonderful moment in time. 

Saad Salem's "And they say fathers do nothing" had the most Facebook likes and will receive a copy of Sandy Puc's Bellies & Babies


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