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This forum is for discussion of issues related to running a photography business or service business for photographers. Users of this forum are cautioned that advice offered here may or may not be accurate. In particular, you should take any legal or taxation advice given here with some caution. Free advice given here may only be worth what you paid for it!

Business questions about weddings will get answered more quickly and have more responses if posted in the Wedding Forum.

If you are looking to promote your photography related business, please look here for information on becoming a photo.net advertiser.

This is not the forum for asking "Who should I buy this from?" or "how should I use this service" unless it is specifically a business product such as invoices or tax software. It is not the right forum to find suppliers of paper, business cards, albums, etc.

Please post photos only if they are relevant to the discussion rather than simply as a sample of work.

The moderator of this forum is Jeff Spirer.

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