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Organizing a Photo Shoot - How To?

Robert Wang , May 03, 2009; 11:59 p.m.

Hello, I plan to organize a photo shoot with multiple photographers and possibly multiple models. I have never done this before, and will really appreciate any advice and tips from the more experienced photographers here.
My first question: how will 5+ photographers shoot one or two models? I plan to rent a photo studio with strobes, etc. for perfect lighting; how will the lights sync with more than one camera? Is it possible to do this, have several photographers shooting the same model(s)? How will the logistics of lighting work in this case?
To cover expenses for the model and renting a studio, I need to charge the photographers for this shoot, and they keep the image rights, and the model will sign model releases. Is this a viable business strategy? I heard from news media of such shoots being organized and I got the idea there.
Thanks for the answers! Rob


Michael Axel , May 04, 2009; 02:20 a.m.

What is the purpose of having multiple photographers doing the same shoot? For them to gain experience, or to get a different perspective on the same model?

Sam Ellis , May 04, 2009; 06:46 a.m.

Multiple photographers in a studio seems a little redundant. Taking the models on-location makes more sense where photographers can get different angles, different focal lengths, different lighting, different backgrounds, etc.
Check out www.photogshootout.com- models, photographers, social gatherings, educational mini-seminars- all free courtesy of sponsors.
Will you make money at it, probably not unless you are a master photographer teaching studio techniques. Since you're renting a studio, I doubt that (no offense).

Robert Wang , May 04, 2009; 07:02 a.m.

The purpose of having multiple photographers was to cover the expense for the studio and model(s), maybe make money at it too.
I've heard of such shoots happening, just didn't know exactly how to work one out.

Aimee Pieters , May 04, 2009; 10:37 a.m.

Indoor may be quite confining and very confusing. You need to have multiple set-ups and stick to a time schedule. Personally, I'm not sure this is worth the effort because you'll probably all walk away displeased, but best of luck...-Aimee

Gregory C , May 04, 2009; 12:36 p.m.

I agree with Aimee, sounds confusing. How can 5 photographers all use the same lighting at the same time ? or same model ? Some photographers like the front side of a female model, I like the backside. The recycle time may 2 seconds on studio strobes, who shoots first ? If each photographer has only 15 minutes with model, that will involve the model for 2 hours,

Justin Greene , May 04, 2009; 12:56 p.m.

This doesn't really sound like you have a goal here. What's the point of this little venture?

Ric Marder , May 04, 2009; 01:00 p.m.

You're going to have photographers and models pepper you with questions and if you don't have everything figured out with a take charge attitude - you're setting yourself up for failure.

Coming here with those questions doesn't instill confidence... You might want to start out with a crawl. The above is a 10k race.

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