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Archiever 630 AF & EOS 300

Armi , Jan 06, 2002; 05:39 p.m.

Hi, I have got EOS 300. I know it is type-A body and work with E-TTL system. My first qestion only E-TTL? What about TTL and A-TTL? OK. I want to buy a new flash for this camera (GN: above 40 (100ISO,m)). I found some infortmation that flash Archiever 630 AF is dedicated for EOS and nothing else for this subject. This type of flash will be full comatibility with this camera? Have somebody some experience in this?






jeff nakayama , Jan 06, 2002; 07:46 p.m.

it is my understanding that it will only work in e-ttl if there is an e-ttl flash on the camera. i don't think you can disable e-ttl with an e-ttl flash mounted. the camera will work in ttl if there is a non- e-ttl flash being used (on camera flash). i don't believe that you can use a-ttl with a e-ttl camera body. i take it that you have looked at the popular 420ex and found that it is out of your price range. may i suggest you look at a 380ex, which is e-ttl and costs about $100. it is made by canon so you can't go wrong.

Julian Loke , Jan 06, 2002; 09:03 p.m.

I own an <a href= "http://www.achiever-hk.com/flash/flash.html" >Achiever</a> 630AF flash. I found that this was a good flash when on a budget, especially since I bought it new at $CAD40, and the <a href= "http://www.achiever-hk.com/flash/handle.html" >600AF handle grip</a> later for $CAD10. I used it for 5 years until it broke.<P> There is an interchangable "compatibility" module on the flash foot, so make sure that you buy the one dedicated for EOS.<P> The flash is moderately powerful, but the Guide number is 30m @ ISO 100, not 40m as you posted. It can be tilted and swivelled for bounce flash. There is a not-very effective double-vertical line AF assist beam, which lights when using the central AF sensor. The flash head can only be zoomed manually for 28-85mm lens coverage. A inconvenient clip-on plastic diffuser is needed for 24mm lenses.<P> Flash operation is limited and very basic. Only 1st-curtain sync TTL operation is supported. So, it will function on all EOS cameras except the EF-M. I expect it will not work on cameras specified as E-TTL only (D30, D1v, G1, G2, Elura, Optura, etc).<P> What the <B>armchair experts</b> cannot tell you is that this flash is big and heavy relative to the REBEL class body like the EOS 300. The most annoying feature was that the flash foot only has a friction lock, and it could move enough during shooting to cause a connection failure (i.e. no flash = missed shot). The Canon Speedlites have a locking pin which I consider well worth the extra expense.

Jim Strutz - Anchorage, AK , Jan 06, 2002; 09:07 p.m.

The EOS 300 will be use TTL flash metering with the Achiever 630AF. It'll work fine, but you will be giving up high speed sync (FP) for outdoor fill flash and you will not have Flash Exposure Lock (FEC). E-TTL metering is better in some situations.


Personlly, I think those features are worth spending more money on, but if you really want to save money, buy a cheap autoflash like the $20 Vivitar (model 2500, I think). The one I saw at Walmart had a bounce & swivel head. Such a deal. I'd go for E-TTL or scrap it all, and go for a cheap auto flash. That way you could control the flash exposure with the aperture. Just a thought.

Armi , Jan 07, 2002; 10:49 a.m.

Thank You for answer. Jeff, yesterday I found some information about EOS 300 body, and producent wrote that this camera work in TTL, A-TTL and E-TTL modes. Thank you all for describe your experieces and your views on this problem. In this way I probably will be looking for some another flash.



Andrew , Jan 14, 2002; 02:36 a.m.

Flashes : The Sigma 500 and some of the later Metz flashes do E-TTL and high speed sync at half the price of a 550EX (or less)

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