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EOS 630 Battery Pack?

Barry Kleinberg , Oct 17, 2003; 03:20 a.m.

I have just bought a secondhand EOS 630 as a spare body (although it is now my main body with the EOS300 relegated as a spare!) and was wondering if there is a battery pack/vertical shutter for this body. I already have the BP200 for the 300 body.

Thanks in advance.



Puppy Face , Oct 17, 2003; 04:16 a.m.

Nope. You might find the large grip, a handle for guys with big mitts, but it lacks battery pack or controls. I recall it's very comfy. There's also one that looks like the stand grip but sports a remote port.

Barry Kleinberg , Oct 17, 2003; 05:34 a.m.

Thanks Puppy. The 630 has a nice robust feel about it but I miss the vertical shutter and recharaceables are soooo much cheaper than the lithium batteries. Oh well I will just have to make do until I can afford a new 10D....

BTW for anyone reading this string the 630 is a great old body and the 5fps is amazing!

Tom Burke , Oct 17, 2003; 01:07 p.m.

In many ways I prefer the form-factor of that first EOS series to any other I've handled. I had a 650 when it was still the current design, and I currently have a 600 (euro name for 630). I still use this one, especially when I'm going out walking on the hills as I feel that the 600 is more robust then my 100 (Elan?) and better able to take the knocks.

I remember when the 650 was new and first being reviewed; everyone was as knocked-out by the handling as they were by the AF aspects. I feel that Canon got the basic ergonomics right with the very first EOS, and I'm not sure that they've significantly improved them since. I've never been able to get on with the rear control dials on later cameras, for instance, and generally leave it 'off' on the 100 and my new (to me) D60.

One EOS I wish I'd had an opportunity to use is the RT; same form-factor as the 600, but no 'flipping mirror'.

terence tong , Oct 18, 2003; 03:17 a.m.

there's no need to change, unless you are southpaw!! total work horse, indigo screen that can't be found on today's eos 5 ??

630 would need: vertical grip like a2e/faster AF/1/4000+ shutter and it'll last for 20 more years :D

yeah yeah, spot metering, 85 zone evlauative metering.... :D

just want to express my love for my 630 sitting next to the 1, god i love this baby

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