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How do I download DPP from Canon?

Latham Portous , Mar 18, 2005; 04:11 a.m.

Hi everyone, I went to Canon's website to look for DPP since everyone says it's better than FVU to convert my RAW images, but I can only find the DPP "update" which I assume is a version update patch! Can I download the whole program from Canon or do I have to buy it? I have a 10D and running XP. Please advise! TIA.


Ian Riches , Mar 18, 2005; 04:20 a.m.

http://www.canon-europe.com/Support/Patches/dpp/ works for me.

Note it says:


Canon software requirements
One of the listed exsisting software elements has to be installed on
your PC.

File Viewer Utility 1.1-1.3
EOS Viewer Utility 1.0/1.1
Digital Photo Professional 1.0/1.1
RAW Image Task 1.2

So you'll need to install the software that came with your 10D for this "upgrade" to work.


Latham Portous , Mar 18, 2005; 04:31 a.m.

Thanks Ian, looks like I need a quicker processor. I still have my old 450Mhz PC and I need about 750Mhz. Thanks mate!

Ian Riches , Mar 18, 2005; 04:38 a.m.

It will probably work - you'll just need a bit more patience! It's certainly *much* quicker at previewing changes than File Viewer / EOS Viewer on my machine (Athlon 2400). The actual raw conversion seems to run at about the same speed, so if you can live with that on your current machine, then you should be OK.

hugh crawford , Mar 18, 2005; 09:42 a.m.

Version DPP does not work with my 10D RAW images, or with my G2 images. Too bad, because the ability to make white balance and curve changes to hundreds of photos at once is really great. Canon says that an upcoming release will work on 10D files.

Jeff Spirer , Mar 18, 2005; 09:48 a.m.

Canon says that an upcoming release will work on 10D files.

1.5 has been on the Canon web site for a long time. It works fine with the 10D.

hugh crawford , Mar 18, 2005; 09:52 a.m.

Hmm should of checked the link, when did that new version come out? It wasn't there last week.

Still wish it worked on the G2 raw files.

hugh crawford , Mar 18, 2005; 10:06 a.m.

Well it isn't obvious whan you go to the 1Ds downloads page


"The current version, DPP v1.0, "

Anyway, thanks for the pointer. This is one of those times when it feels good to be wrong. I have a lot of 10d files to fix.

A. Taner , Mar 18, 2005; 01:36 p.m.

I tried to use DPP version (came with the camera) for converting Rebel XT/D350 files using WIN98SE, PIII 224MB RAM, and the program works - but without full functionality. The most important function - raw processing works if you batch-process (even single files), but there are lots of little problems, for example you cannot choose the target directory for the TIFF files - they go in your My Documents\My Pictures folder no matter what you try.

What I am doing now is testing it against the simpler Canon program (FUV?) - if the results are not radically better with Dpp, I will stick mostly with JPEG and shoot raw on rare occasions...until I buy a new computer!

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