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Lens hood for the 70-300 IS

Yakim Peled , Nov 14, 2005; 08:39 a.m.

According to Bob, the appropriate lens hood for the 70-300 IS is the same one as for the new 70-300 IS DO: ET 65 B. However, it is out of stock in B&H and Adorama.

1. Does anybody know of a store in NY vicinity which has it in stock? If so, please provide links.

2. Is it possible to mount another lens hood on the 70-300 IS? If so, which one?

3. Is it possible to mount the ET-65 III (the one for the 85/1.8) on it? If so, that will be great because I already have it.


Happy shooting, Yakim.


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Ben Rubinstein - Manchester UK , Nov 14, 2005; 12:12 p.m.

For an all prime guy whose so particular about sharpness your 1D plus consumer zoom idea is going to leave you rather disappointed, but then you weren't interested in hearing that anyway.

Ralph Jensen , Nov 14, 2005; 01:13 p.m.

People are saying some pretty good things about that new "consumer zoom," Yakim; let us know your experience after you've shot with it.


Panos Voudouris , Nov 14, 2005; 01:46 p.m.


I'd be very interested to hear your impressions of moving from the Elan 7 to the 1D.


Ben Rubinstein - Manchester UK , Nov 14, 2005; 01:59 p.m.

I'm not trying to be nasty, really, just interested considering the 70-200 f4L wasn't sharp enough for you.

Puppy Face , Nov 14, 2005; 05:01 p.m.

There must have been a batch of bad EF 70-200 4L USM out there. I think both Yakim and I were proud owners of such misfits. Yeah, yeah, most of them are great. My 75- 300 IS out performed my 70-200 4L and it sucked...

Yakim Peled , Nov 15, 2005; 01:58 a.m.

Hi folks,

The choice of the 70-300 IS over the 70-200/4 was not an easy one. What I really wanted (and still do) was the 70-200/2.8 IS but it was too expensive. The 70-200/2.8 non-IS is too heavy and too pricy for what you get (IMHO) and the 70-200/4 is slow and lacks IS. I remember that there were times where even f/2.8 on my 200/2.8 did not allow me shutter speeds which were high enough for handhold ability. Thus, my true indecision became with the 200/2.8 (which I sold to get a DSLR) and the new 70-300 IS.

Several threads in FM (e.g. here, here and these reviews) as well as Bob's review, convinced me that this lens might be like my 50/1.8. Lousy to feel and operate but with excellent picture quality. I thus decided to give it a try. In the worst case scenario, I will simply sell it. Heck, I'm sure it will sell more quickly than my 200/2.8. But as it seems from net reviews, I will keep it until I will be able to afford the 70-200/2.8 IS or until Canon will manufacture IS versions of the 200/2.8 and/or 70-200/4.

Now that my motives for choosing the 70-300 IS are - hopefully - clear, will someone be kind enough to answer my questions?

Happy shooting,

Alex Di , Nov 15, 2005; 02:48 a.m.


According to Photonotes, the relevant number here is 65. That's the size of hood mount.

Canon's press release says the proper hood for the 70-300/IS is the EW-65B. This doesn't make any sense, and I think it's a typo for a few reasons:

1) It doesn't exist. The EW-65 is a wide hood for the 28/2.8 and 35/2. This is a telephoto, it should use an ET hood.

2) Both the DO and non-DO 70-300s are supposed to use the same hood. The DO hood is an ET-65B.

3) The only store in Froogle selling an "EW-65B" is here, and you'll notice the hood pictured is actually the ET-65B.

Anyway, you should be able to use the ET-65 III without issue. The hood mounts for both lenses look like my 100/2, and the diameter is of course the same. Availability for the ET-65B is December at B&H.


Alex Di , Nov 15, 2005; 03:02 a.m.

Wow, that was pointless.

On closer inspection of a DO blowup, it appears to use a hood like the 50/1.4; a twist hood. The ET-65 III is a snap-on hood.

Thus, NO, it probably won't work.



Ben Rubinstein - Manchester UK , Nov 15, 2005; 05:54 a.m.

I seem to remember Yakim jumping into every thread with the word 'Sigma' in it to give his unsolicited opinion, can't really complain when we hijack your thread... ;-P

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