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Canon 7D or 5d mark II?

Chaitanya Addagiri , Feb 09, 2012; 03:15 a.m.

I have a Canon XSI and planing upgrade my camera and I am not able to decide which one need to buy and I need your suggestions. I am interested in taking Portraits, Landscape , Wedding and Night or Party photography and my maximum budget is 3k including Lens. Please suggest me which camera and which lens will be good.


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Keith Reeder , Feb 09, 2012; 03:32 a.m.

Hello Chaitanya,

this question - "7D or 5D Mk II?" - must come up at least once a week, and it usually ends up in an an ill-tempered argument over the relative merits of the two bodies.

Can I suggest that you do a search?

Richard Hatch , Feb 09, 2012; 03:34 a.m.

I have all three cameras you mention... and for what you describe shooting the 5DMk II would be my choice. However, you are going to max out your budget. You could get a used 5D Mk II and a 24-70 for right under 3K and have an outstanding setup. You will have "professional" equipment... (and no excuses for bad pictures! :) )
There of course are so many lens choices. I happen to have a 24-70L 2.8 as my most used lens so I'm biased. For your budget going the route of a 5D Mk II + a 24-105L this would work:


You can find a used 5DMk II in very nice shape for right around 1700.
That said.... if you choose to not go the FF route and lean toward the 7D you might want to consider a 60D. It will take equal images for what you want without added bells and whistles you probably won't use.
Spend a couple of hours (days?) reading other similar threads to get an idea of what these cameras are all about.

Husain Akhtar , Feb 09, 2012; 04:56 a.m.

I'm totally puzzles as to why such a comparison comes up again and again! Canon 7D and 5DII are two different cameras where the later is much better choice if one can afford it!

Jan de Bever , Feb 09, 2012; 06:58 a.m.

You need both.
Now go away.

Brian Wallace , Feb 09, 2012; 08:18 a.m.

If you can afford either the only reason to get the 7D is if you want to be able to shoot action photography as the 7D has a superior autofocus system and can shoot double the number of frames per second. The only other reason to consider the 7D would be if you have a serious investment in EF-S lenses as you can use those on the 7D.
For low light, image quality and resolution the 5D II wins out - hands down.
(As a disclaimer - I own the 7D and chose it over the 5D II so I'm not bashing the 7D)

Philip Wilson , Feb 09, 2012; 08:28 a.m.

I have both and agree with Richard Hatch

Nathan Gardner , Feb 09, 2012; 09:01 a.m.

This should keep you busy for awhile.


Vincent Bester , Feb 09, 2012; 10:16 a.m.

For landscape, portraits, low light and weddings the 5DII wins the IQ contest hands down. The detail it captures is simply astounding.
For sports and nature the 7D is the right tool.

David Stephens , Feb 09, 2012; 12:44 p.m.

I own both the 7D and the 5D MkII and for the OP's cited uses I'd go for the 5D MkII without hesitation, primarily due to it's high-ISO performance. You'll love it. I use my 7D for nature and sport photography for it's slightly more versatile AF function and 8-fps shooting rate.

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