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Upgrade from 5Dmk2, to 5Dmk3 or 1-D X? Portrait & fashion

F Thomas , Mar 04, 2013; 02:25 p.m.

Need a bit of advice in choosing between the 5Dmk3 and the 1D-X for an upgrade - I've been shooting on the 5dmk-2 for 3 years, mainly with 85mm 1.2 L lens.. I shoot outside, in sometimes dubious weather conditions, but I've never had any issues with the 5Dmk2.. Only looking to upgrade as I'd rather put any available capital back into my business than give it to the tax man.. I've read various reviews and my main points of interest are (obviously) higher quality images, and the faster AF system (particularly relevant as 85mm 1.2 is quite a loose focussing lens on the mk2).. and possible noise reduction? I know the 1-dx is supposed to be good on the AF front, but was wondering if any portrait photographers who might have used both 5dmk2, 5dmk3 and 1d-x could offer me some advice as to which might be better for my kind of work? Is the 1d-x worth the extra cash?
Many Thanks,


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Mark Palmquist , Mar 04, 2013; 03:32 p.m.

I own a 1Dx but I have not shot with the 5D III yet outside testing in store. Canon is lending me one on 3/13 via CPS so I can do a thourough use test. While I love the 1Dx sometimes I want a lighter body when I don't need to shoot high FPS or require absolute weather sealing so I am considering adding a 5D III. Right now I shoot 1Dx with a 1D IV as backup so a lightweight body would be good for me.
The question of the price being worth it for the 1Dx vs 5DIII comes down to these points to me, weighted for price difference:
1> FPS, if you shoot any action, sports or wildlife 1Dx> 5DIII
2> Weather Sealing, the 5D is weather sealed ( I but not to the same level as the 1dx) 5DIII >= 1DX (if you are going to be out in torrential rain or at the foot of waterfalls I would go 1Dx, a light shower 5D should be fine)
3> IQ, 5DIII > 1DX (cost to 5DIII, thought the IQ on the 1Dx is basically the same to my eye)
4> build quality, 1DX >= 5DIII (but do you need a armored truck or will a f-150 do you okay)
5> AF, 1Dx > 5dIII the AF speed/accuracy on the 1Dx is second to none in my opinon (this may change with more testing on the 5DIII, if it's close the cost difference may tip it to 5DIII)
6> low light, 5DIII=1DX the 1dx has a slight edge in low light AF the 5D a slight edge in low light IQ (from what I read)

F Thomas , Mar 04, 2013; 04:01 p.m.

Thanks Mark, really helpful response. I shoot for about 5 hours a day, without a tripod, camera on portrait.. so if the 1d-X is substantially heavier than the 5d-2 that might be an issue as I already have a bit of shoulder trouble
1. Don't shoot action, sports, or wildlife.. need fast and sharp focus, but I never shoot on burst.
2. Does anyone know if the 5D3 is more or less weather sealed than the 5D2? - I've shot in pouring rain before without an issue, but if it's less, that might be a problem.
3. Sounds good..
4. Something to withstand the occasional knock.. once dropped my 5D2 onto a wooden floor, but it survived fine.. just to that standard...?
5. ..ok, needs investigating..
6.. shall also investigate..

5d 3: £2,335.00
1d-x: £4,849.00
... for the extra £2.5K I could get a new computer & lens.. hmmm...
Thanks very much Mark.. I think I shall go annoy the guys in Calumet for a few hours. If anyone has any more input, it'd be much appreciated..
ps: Does anyone know if canon are planning to release any more interesting models this year?

John Crowe , Mar 04, 2013; 08:39 p.m.

The 1Dx is specifically aimed at sports shooters. The only real advantage the 5D III has over the 5D II is the AF you refer to, but if what you have is working I'm not sure this is a big difference.

Yeah, I'd be considering lenses and computers.

Dan South , Mar 04, 2013; 08:56 p.m.

The main advantages of the 1DX over the 5DIII are the integrated vertical grip, better high ISO performance (although the 5DIII is very good in this regard), and extremely fast frames per second shutter performance. If you plan to shoot at blisteringly fast FPS, the 1DX has no peer (except the 1DC, but that's a different technology altogether).

The advantages of the 5DIII over the II are sharper image quality (which some folks will dispute, but I see it clearly), world class autofocus, better high ISO performance, significantly better weather sealing, a substantially more rugged body, better Live View functionality supported by an absolute gem of an LCD screen, and integrated HDR, pus a number of video improvements that you may or may not find useful. And it's half the price of a 1DX.

Full disclosure: I own a 5DII, a 5DIII, as well as cameras from the N company. I have not used a 1DX.

William W , Mar 04, 2013; 09:09 p.m.

Full disclosure: . . .'the N company'

Peter J , Mar 04, 2013; 10:06 p.m.

For "higher image quality" you should be buying the Hasselblad H4D-40 Medium Format DSLR Camera with 80mm f/2.8 HC Lens. Sounds like you are ready to advance to the next format level.

Ed Avis , Mar 05, 2013; 01:55 a.m.

Have you considered the 6D?

Mark Palmquist , Mar 05, 2013; 02:08 a.m.

Never shooting sports, and not going to be in the weather or beating the hell out of it then the 5D III will probably be a better choice. And like you say the weight can become an issue over the course of a day of shooting the 1dx is almost double the weight of the 5DIII. You can have extra money for lenses/computers which will likely be more value for your situation.
Ed mentioned the 6D, from what i have read and seen in reviews I would stay far away. the AF system has only 9 points and only 1 cross type (center point) and even using the center point people have complained about inaccurate focus.

Peter J , Mar 05, 2013; 02:28 a.m.

...and even using the center point people have complained about inaccurate focus. [Mark Palmquist]

They are probably full of it. There is nothing wrong with the centre autofocus point with my 6D.

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