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Canon 55 MM FD Lens 1:1.2 SSC Aspherical

Soo Choi , Sep 14, 2007; 06:36 p.m.

Message: Greatest lens ever made for film camera!

I don't care what anybody says about this lens it is finest I ever used on my F1N. I took many shots wide open and got brutal detailed images. There's one in EBay auction right now and I am very tempted to buy this lens again after letting one go 3years ago. I regret selling mine to get Nikon F3 the worst mistake I ever made. This lens with F1N potential is endless. I still have 50mm 1.2L lens but something about 55mm 1.2 Aspherical lens able to achieve corner to corner sharpness like no other normal lens. Pity it won't work with new Canon 21mp Mark III I wonder how images would look in digital world. Long live Greatest Canon FD lens ever made.

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Tommy Lee , Sep 14, 2007; 06:55 p.m.

Watch out. the one at ebay now is SSC and not SSC "Aspherical". It has a high BIN price of $419. It appears designed to fool those with quick finger.

Soo Choi , Sep 14, 2007; 07:11 p.m.

Thanks for looking out I think this is real one # 120160743388 I hope it won't go too high.

Mark Winter , Sep 14, 2007; 07:13 p.m.

Soo, let me be the first one to congradulate you on your wicked arsenal of a camera!! AWESOME to the POWER of TEN!! I am similar to you, as I have a F3HP/MD4, 24/2.8, 28/2.8, 85/1.4, and just recently aquired a F1N/AE serial number 252XXX, and I will be sending it in for a full CLA. Then I will go shopping for a FD lens. Then the best of both worlds!!

Have you seen the various 50's at kevincameras.com in LAX, as they have a very nice collection of mint FD lenses.

Do you have any test shots from your 55 FD 1:1.2 SSC Asperical that we could see?

Awesome set up!! Two thumbs Up! High Five!


Soo Choi , Sep 14, 2007; 07:22 p.m.

Here is one scan. Remember when you scan it does not do justice for this lens.

Soo Choi , Sep 14, 2007; 07:38 p.m.

Here is one more.

Attachment: 55mm 1.2 ASP.jpg

Mark Winter , Sep 14, 2007; 08:26 p.m.

Soo, Awesome, do you have a flikr.com account to see more? Mark

Soo Choi , Sep 15, 2007; 12:07 a.m.


I don't have flicker account yet. I have about 3 rolls of negatives that I took with this lens that have not been scanned yet. My next investment is Nikon scanner most likely 5000 ED model to bring out brilliant picture to the digital processing. Remember if you are artistic great photographer plain FTB with 50mm1.4 ssc is more than enough to produce stunning pictures. Here is picture of my long gone rare lens.

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Luis Triguez , Sep 15, 2007; 08:09 a.m.


I found in eVil a buy now 55FD 1.2 for 275 $ but I didn`t get it considering the extra 35 for shipping from the States to Spain.

I post some examples of my old FL (I exchanged it for a Bronica S2 in the 70s) Now I have not the 55 nor the Bronica :-(


Kerry Kennedy , Sep 15, 2007; 01:23 p.m.

Fantastic lens! Now if you would just mount it on a T90, you would have the best of all worlds.

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