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Why most PROS use Canon than Nikon?

Gelay Thondup Amdo , Mar 06, 2009; 03:08 p.m.

As photojournalism interested would like to ask question?
As I know both Nikon and Canon camera and lences are best of all.
I have being using Nikon D70s for 3 years now and I would say I am satisfied but thinking of upgrading one step up, and also thinking of switching to Canon 40 or 50D which give me better view on screen and ofcus more mp.
Many people say Nikon is good, but why do I see most of the Pro photojournalist use Canon more than Nikon? Does it mean Canon is better for photojournalism and documentary?
Thanks for your responses.


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Bob Tilden , Mar 06, 2009; 03:38 p.m.

Incoming! Hit the deck!!!
Out of self preservation I'll only observe that Canon had the foresight to paint their lenses white which makes them stand out in a crowd...

Patrick Hudepohl , Mar 06, 2009; 04:00 p.m.

I think you'll find recent Nikons to have quite a nice viewfinder, except, maybe, entry-level cameras. I would not worry too much about megapixels and more about what lenses you want to get, which system feels best in your hands etc.

Canon tends to lead the pack, which may be because it's a bigger company, or a different philiosophy. Anyway, they had USM lenses and it took Nikon a while to catch up with the AF-S lenses. Something similar with IS and VR, low-noise digital camera sensors, full frame etc.

I think that in recent years, however, Nikon has become competitive again. If there are more pros using Canon, it may also be because an investment in Canon gear. Even if cameras and lenses are just tools, I would guess that they will have to suffice for a few years before moving on.

Mike Earussi , Mar 06, 2009; 04:11 p.m.

To add to what Patrick said, for many years Canon's dslrs were much better than Nikon's in features and image quality, but with the recent release by Nikon of their D300/D90, D3, D700 and D3X their cameras are now as good, if not better, than Canon's offerings, though the Canon 5D II is selling much better than Nikon's high end cameras because it is a much better camera for the money.

Joel J , Mar 06, 2009; 04:11 p.m.

I think the general consensus is that:

1) They don't.
2) Sport photojournalists probably do use Canon over Nikon due to bettery A/F speed.
3) Herd mentallity exists with photographers just as much as other places.
As a dedicated Nikon user I can safely say that Nikon is one of the top two brands out there. Canon users can be sure of the same. Use what works best for YOU. For me it is ergonomics, my investment in lenses, and imho better (according to my tastes) color rendition. For someone else, different things could drive different decisions.

John Vanacore , Mar 06, 2009; 04:24 p.m.

A funny thing, along these lines...
I shoot both a Nikon D300 and D700. I was covering for a local publishing company a High School State tournament Girls basketball game, where i was one of 6 Photographers coerving the game for our repsctive publications. Out f the 6 of us, there were 3 Nikon shooters, and 3 Canon SHooters. All Nikon shooters were using D300's( plus my D700), all without flash. 2 of the Canon Shooters were using 1dMkIII's and 1 was shooting a 40D, all using flash. I knew most of the other SHooters there, and one, which i have dones some work with, asked how i liked the D700. I showed him some of my shots, which I shot during this game at ISO4000. He was amazed to see the results, without flash, out if this camera, at ISO4000. HE indicated to me that he gets junk on anything over ISO1600 out if his markIII.
So, i do believe this trend, of more Canon than Nikon at sporting events, is changing.

Robert Cossar , Mar 06, 2009; 04:44 p.m.

Where to start...?

"As I know both Nikon and Canon camera and lences are best of all."..... Not true. You need to reconsider "what you know"

The truth is this: ALL professional photographers shoot with.....wait for it................."Whatever suits their NEEDS"
Take the blinkers off and have a look at the real world.....

Larry Van Valkenburgh , Mar 06, 2009; 04:55 p.m.

To start, I'm a Nikon user. I started with Canon in the early 80's but switched to Nikon because of the features I wanted. Mostly for the flash sync of 1/250th.
But, if you take notice of sporting events, National Geographic and other wildlife photography events, quite often, Canon is a major sponsor. Canon pays out tremenous amounts of sponsor money and gives out and makes available, large amounts of equipment at no charge to photographers. This gives them a huge presence in the professional field and everyone takes notice of their equipment because of the color difference of the lenses. Plus Canon video equipment is used to video the events.
They also produce some awesome photographs and videos. A good example is Art Wolfe and his videos.
I can't recall if I've ever seen any such evenys sponsored by Nikon.

Arthur Plumpton , Mar 06, 2009; 05:08 p.m.

Photo quality for newspapers and some magazines do not require the very higest quality (as, say, National Geographic), so the emphasis is often more on A/F speed, rapid fire speed and maximum number of shots at high speed, white balance adjustment ease and other features. Canon and Nikon make some great lenses, and a wide variety of them, but these are certainly not better than the best of some other manufacturers.

Larry Van Valkenburgh , Mar 06, 2009; 05:18 p.m.

Some would say that Leica is the best camera in the world.
But just like Bob said, "The truth is this: ALL professional photographers shoot with.....wait for it................."Whatever suits their NEEDS""
And with the exception of how much money I have available, that's exactly what I do.

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