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How do you keep from losing your lens cap

Harry Joseph , Oct 09, 2009; 07:39 p.m.

Other than shoving the lens cap in your pocket, what other ways do you use to keep from losing your cap. I tried using one of those Gizmos that wrap around the lens while an extension cord with a sticky button is used to attach the lens cap. They sell these in stores like Ritz or on eBay.

The problem I had with these is that the sticky button hardly ever sticks to the lens cap and the elastic part that is supposed to wrap around the lens streches over time. Once I tried using crazy glue to get the sticky part to stick to the lens cap, but the crazy glue ate right through the lens cap and things started looking kind of Ugly.

I also tried knotting the elastic part that is supposed to wrap around the lens so that it would fit tightly around the lens but after a while it began looking like a hang-man's noose. Now I'm back to shoving the lens cap in my pocket and hoping for the best. Any other ideas ?


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Eric Sande , Oct 09, 2009; 07:48 p.m.

I used those "cap keeper" things when I first got into photography, but they got annoying.

Surprisingly, once I quit using any kind of cap retention device, I've never actually lost a single lens cap. Pockets work quite well.

I'm sure someone here will claim that the first thing they do when they get a new lens is throw the lens cap in a drawer and leave it there.

Jason Hall , Oct 09, 2009; 08:07 p.m.

The lens cap goes in the pocket or in the camera bag...it has worked so far....knock on wood. :o)


Clay L , Oct 09, 2009; 08:12 p.m.

Lens cap goes in pocket and lens shade goes on. Force of habit.
Best regards,

Jeff Spirer , Oct 09, 2009; 08:17 p.m.

I don't use them. There are other solutions.

Matthew Currie , Oct 09, 2009; 09:41 p.m.

Like many others, I usually put it in my pocket. Later I go through a little "what the **** did I do with my lens cap" dance, rummage in my pockets, finally find it, and go on. Unless I left the cap in the carrying case, in which case I say, "Oh, ****, I lost it," and then get a nice surprise when I put the camera back in the case. Either way I very rarely lose caps.

Phil B , Oct 09, 2009; 09:41 p.m.

I've lost almost half a dozen caps off my Canon 50 1.8 over the last couple years. Since Ritz shuttered up I've got no camera shop within 50 miles, so I finally ordered one of these a few weeks ago. So far it hasn't been too annoying.
The caps pop off when I'm moving from spot to spot. Otherwise, when I'm shooting, the cap goes in my shirt pocket or, if no shirt pocket, in my right hip pocket. It's got to be a conscious action on your part. Pick a spot and use it every time. Same goes with car keys, except they go in the left hip pocket. Usually. Now where the...

Manuel Barrera , Oct 09, 2009; 10:06 p.m.

pocket when the hood goes on,

Mark Drutz , Oct 09, 2009; 10:12 p.m.

They go into a pocket (always use the same pocket) or the camera bag. I haven't lost one in as long as I can remember. Of course having said that I'll probably lose one tomorrow. If I do I'll send you the bill.

D.B. Cooper , Oct 09, 2009; 10:36 p.m.

+1 for pocket/same pocket. I also keep a spare in the bag, since one size fits all my lenses, including a few with step-up rings. I use generic caps, and keep the Nikon cap in the lens box with the hood, pouch, and instruction booklet for potential future resale. Tried several gadgets for retaining caps over the years, and IMO all were a PITA.

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