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Kodak Tourist/Tourist II questions

Michael May , Nov 27, 2000; 12:54 p.m.

Hi, Everyone!


I hope you don't mind some questions about the Tourist, but I don't know where else to turn.


Two very quick questions:


1. The Tourist cameras with the Kodon shutter (T,B, and I settings): Can a cable release be used with these cameras?


2. I had a Tourist in the mid-1980s (stolen whilst on a bus trip in 1990.) When Kodak made 200 speed film in the 620 size, I had major light-leak problems. If I re-roll 120 film to 620 reels, must I use slow speed, or may I use Tri-X, for example?


I would love to find another Tourist, and have fun with photography again.


Thank you for your help, and for providing this site.


Mike May


Chuck Baker , Dec 06, 2000; 08:37 a.m.

Re: Tourist

Hi Mike,


No need to apologize for using this forum for your question!


The shutter should be one of the following: Kodet Kodak Aniston Kodak Anastar


I don't have one of these cameras but from the picture I'm looking at it seems that it has a place for a cable release, but I may be wrong.


The light leak was probably your camera, I use either TMax 100 or 400 in all of my old cameras that take 620 so my answer about the film is try anything you want! You don't have to shoot slow film for any other reason except that you want to.


Good Luck,


Chuck The Brownie Camera Page www.go.to/browniecamera

Pete Lutz , Mar 08, 2001; 01:16 p.m.

Dear Mike, I recently purchased a Tourist II with the Flash Kodon Shutter that you described. (I hope it's not the one that got stolen from you...) It looks as if a cable release can be used, and I'm in fact going to try one out today at my neighborhood camera shop.


I know where you can get a Tourist II exactly like mine: there's one for sale right now at The Fatman's Camera Shop at RubyLane.com! I bought mine from him, and I love it. The Fatman will also answer your questions and provide additional support. Hurry! Buy it now!


Pete ;)

William Buckley , Apr 23, 2001; 06:32 p.m.

My Aunt has a Kodak Tourist that looks to be in great shape. Unfortunately, she doesn't want to sell it. Sorry.


My question back to you is: Approximately what is it worth?


The camera is in perfect working order with the original leather case, the original manual, a flashbar, and the manual for the flashbar.


Any opinions would be welcome and appreciated.




Bill Buckley

Kevin Brady , May 07, 2001; 11:45 p.m.

Mike I see Tourist II's for sale on eBay all the time. Cheap too. As a matter of fact I just picked one up tonight for 12.50. And it appears to be in almost new condition.

Geoff McAuliffe , Jul 08, 2001; 09:46 p.m.

Actually, I have a question. I just picked up a very nice Tourist II for $10 at a local camera show. Everything appears in great shape but I need some 620 spools for film. Where can I get some? Please reply directly to geoffm@optonline.net as I do not monitior this group regularly. Thanks!

paul sances , Aug 26, 2001; 11:23 p.m.

i have a "Kodak Tourist II Camera-mint condition, original box w/ information booklet! i also have a " Kodak Flasholder model B w/ 2-way Flashguard" also in it's original box w/ literature-mint condition- wich works with the Tourist II Camera. I also have a "Kodak Brownie Movie Camera Model 2" in mint condition w/ a leather carry case- they are in their original boxes w/ their original instruction booklets! All are for sale............................................. psances@yahoo.com

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