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Ansco Titan


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Don James , Jun 09, 2005; 11:40 a.m.

The 4.5 lens on the Titan has a great reputation, and it's one of the coolest looking folders. I've been looking for one, and must have missed the $15 and $30 bargains that Matt found.

Matt, I hope you're not serious when you say you want them all. :-)

Tom Holum , Jun 09, 2005; 05:22 p.m.

A few years back I was in the throes of one of my periodic classic-camera-buying manias-- that time centered around medium-format folding cameras-- and my research led me to the Ansco Titan as one of the most desireable of the reasonably-priced examples. I remember reading that two things distinguished the Titan from other Agfa/Ansco folders: really superb fit & finish, and especially the hard plating & brightwork on the Titan that seemed to keep its minty shine over the years (compared to the dismal finish on all other Ansco/Agfa models, which seem to brass at the slightest breeze) and the Titan's durable genuine leather bellows which seem indestructable even today, (compared to the usual easily-torn synthetic bellows of the other models). At that time I followed the market (eBay) on the Titan for half a year, but it seemed that everybody else had "discovered" the Titan too, because the prices on completed auctions were always over $100, which to me is in the Ikonta-with-Tessar range. I suspect that Steve's excellent pictures are about to cause another stir in the market for this fine & often-overlooked folder. (I never did succeed in finding a reasonably-priced Titan, but did find a reasonably-priced Super Isolette (a steal at $200)... not as purty, but better featured.

Steve Pennington , Jun 09, 2005; 09:55 p.m.

Thanks all. The Titan is really glad to hear she's not all washed up too.

Scott... the fall would be a great time to go see your sister, Charlotte is a great place.

Matt... imagine this is your first classic camera, I've bought a lot of disapointments since then. I found this one in an antique shop, can't remember what I paid but I know it was less than $50.

Graham... only a few of them were handheld I'm afraid to say.

Don & Tom... you guys need to speak with Matt:)

Rob Murray , Jun 11, 2005; 12:19 a.m.

I found one of these last year for $60 at an antique store but its bellows was full of holes like the old Isolette cameras so I did not buy it. Wish I had now.

Rick Hensil , Jul 12, 2005; 12:49 p.m.

Sorry for the spam, but I have a perfect-bellows Standard Speedex for sale in the classifieds section.


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