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most famous camera model?


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Bob Camarena , Sep 11, 2006; 09:33 p.m.

If Google results are any indication, here are the top three along with their number of hits:

Nikon F- 1,860,000 Rolleiflex- 949,000 Leica M3- 376,000

The Kodaks and others were also-rans.

don mckeith , Sep 11, 2006; 10:29 p.m.

I guess you didn't google Canon EOS-


James Baker , Sep 11, 2006; 11:40 p.m.

I would say that "most" people never heard of a Nikon F or a Leica. All those brands are known to "camera" people, not the general public (in the US). "Brownie Hawkeye", "Instamatic 100", "Poliroid" etc. would be far more famous to the vast majority of people. Which one is the most famous would probably depend on a persons age.

Matthew Currie , Sep 12, 2006; 12:05 a.m.

I think Polaroid has an advantage. Yes, Rolleiflexes are hugely well known, but you can't really tell a Rollei from a Yashica from across the street, and the same is true of most cameras, even the famous ones. But pull out any Polaroid of the post-SX-70 vintage, and if it isn't immediately recognized as a Polaroid from its funny shape, it will be when it squirts out the picture!

Colin Carron , Sep 12, 2006; 01:52 a.m.

The people that designed the road sign indicating a police speed camera must have researched this long and hard before coming up with their answer. In the UK the road sign indicating a police speed camera is a cross between a Hasselblad and a Brownie.

Luis Triguez , Sep 12, 2006; 07:26 a.m.


with 35-70 zoom

Alex Lofquist , Sep 12, 2006; 05:23 p.m.

Response to most famous camera model.

Christy Brinkley?

Eric Miller , Sep 12, 2006; 07:50 p.m.

I would say Brownie (various), Argus C3, Nikon F, Spotmatic, Polaroid. Most camera people have heard of Leica, Zeiss, Minolta, etc. but some of that is probably more do with marketing and what pros used. I can spot the white Canon lenses of pro photogs at sporting events, but I've never seen a Leica in the wild, I'm convinced those never leave someone's shelf.

Neil Peters , Sep 12, 2006; 10:53 p.m.

Great answer Mr. Lofquist :) I'm still in love with Cheryl Tiggs.

Peter Blaise , Sep 13, 2006; 08:10 a.m.


My 2 cents:

"Brownie" -- often used in story telling, as in "I remember my first camera -- a Brownie".

Leica M -- generally "M" but no specific number, just "Leica M", not a high volume seller, just often mentioned, especially in photojournalism references.

Olympus OM -- not a high volume seller, but often mentioned as a class act.

Many cameras were the best selling of their type in their time:

Olympus Pen -- outsold everything else in it's day, in incredible numbers!

Minolta SRT -- again, a best seller.

Minolta X-700 -- a best seller, I still see this one with black tape over the name in CURRENT movies and television! There must still be a lot of them in the props room, otherwise unused? VERY LOUD, especially with motor drive, and probably favored for that, though sound effects are easy to add later, but the loud noise is good for grabbing the viewer's attention that a photo was just taken. Not as loud as a Yashica, though! ;-)

Minolta 7000 -- a best seller, but awkwardly named as AF, Maxxum, Dynax or eventually Alpha, so who remembers which name?

Canon AE, or was it AE1?

... other camera names I remember hearing about before I was really into the gear:

Pentax K-something, or was it ME-something?, anyway, just "Pentax" is often used.

Polaroid SX-70 was famous as the first autofocus SLR, and with the name Alpha 1 was probably an early use of ALPHA on a camera -- any earlier uses of the name ALPHA on a camera, now that Sony has taken over the Minolta Alpha series?

Nikon F -- there are many references, but generally the "F" series is enough to identify the writer's intentions.

I think Googling a name is misleading unless you also search Google books! ;-)


Nice thread.

Now, on to the WORST or most negatively notirious or hilarious camera names ...


Love and hugs,

Peter Blaise peterblaise@yahoo.com Minolta Rokkor Alpha DiMage Photographer http://www.peterblaisephotography.com/

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