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Yashcia FR II

Jody McCombe , Jan 19, 2007; 05:53 p.m.


I have recently just stumbled onto a Yashica FRII camera with 3 lens while clearing out my fathers house.

These are the stats that I can find: TTL metering fully automatic expsoure 35mm SLR Yashica Lens 28mm Yashica Lens 50mm Yashica Lens f=80-200mm Toshiba Filter for color Sl-1A 52mm

Can anyone tell me is this worth anything?

I appreciate any advise or help.



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Michael Axel , Jan 19, 2007; 06:09 p.m.

If I recall, the FR II was a lower grade SLR marketed to the amatuer market, but I believe it had the Contax mount. I'd guess it's not worth more than $100--maybe more on a good day. However, you might find it personally rewarding to verify it has a Contax mount and buy a Contax lens or two to put on it. They were very good lenses.

Mike Gammill , Jan 19, 2007; 11:27 p.m.

The FR II is aperture priority automatic only with no manual settings. The FR I was auto plus manual settings. The original FR was match diode. The FR even could use the wireless Contax infrared remote. Try the FR II. If you like it you can always upgrade to one of the more full-featured FR's. Keep the FR II as back up if you upgrade. You can't get much for them used. I think an autowinder was available for FR series as well. I don't remember if the meter turns off after non use or not so don't leave it on. The LED display can drain batteries. Forgive this long ramble, but Yashica was one of the brands we sold when my family owned a camera shop. Regards, Mike

Mike Gammill , Jan 19, 2007; 11:28 p.m.

And yes, they do take Contax lenses.

David M , Jan 20, 2007; 12:59 a.m.

Worth more like $25 with 50mm lens. Extra lenses worth around $10-$15 each. Assuming it's in working condition of course.

H. P. , Jan 20, 2007; 03:41 a.m.

The FR range were very nice when they came out. I used a FR1 for a couple of years with the Yashica 28, 50 and 135 lenses and it was very pleasant in many ways. Unfortunately, none of the FR series seems to have stood up to long term use and you come across a lot of 'spares or repairs' bodies in the secondhand market, more than you might expect for the numbers originally sold. Because of this, as David says, they're not much in demand and prices are low.

Yashica FR1 / 50mm Yashica ML

Jody McCombe , Jan 20, 2007; 08:55 a.m.

Thank you.. all... This is great feedback.

Thanks J

Michael Linn , Jan 21, 2007; 12:01 a.m.

Actually one of the finest auto only cameras of it's era. Basically the same inside as the the Contax RTS and has few problems today, mainly limited to the film frame counter, the self timer, and the light seals. Not much different from any other fine camera of the same age. With these issues corrected, they easily sell for $100 or more today.

H. P. , Jan 21, 2007; 05:07 a.m.

I think you'll find, Michael, that it's an altogether different design internally to the Contax range, apart from sharing the electronic shutter release and timing. The Contax shutter famously used silk blinds in a bid to get much more accurate timing than the normal for focal plane shutters, whereas the Yashica models used blinds made from conventional cloth. The Contax was largely built from traditional brass and steel whereas the Yashica used nylon and other plastics extensively. I think the idea that the Yashica was a reclothed Contax comes from the common lens mount and baseplate designs but they were very different cameras to begin with.

Rich 815 , Jan 21, 2007; 11:48 a.m.

There's one on eBay right now with a lens AND 2 extra FRII bodies for parts at $6.00 USD with 2 days left on the auction.

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