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Whats is a good 828 film camera?

dan Mar , Nov 05, 2008; 04:17 a.m.

I was thinking about trying an 828 camera. I kinda like the idea of slightly larger image size on a 35mm negative. I know about the film and i have some stock 70mm un-perforated film that i can split and cut to roll onto 828 spools , of which i have one already. so i was looking to purchase an inexpensive Bantam rf camera to try out , but then i started to wonder if the lens is any good, and i haven't known anyone who's shot with this camera. Now i chose the Bantam RF because its a range finder unlike the pony 828 or the flash bantam and it has more controls. Now I'm pretty sure the Bantam from the art deco one is a better camera, with a nice shutter and lens but price makes it out of reach for this poor student. So before i make a purchase of a Bantam RF i thought i would see if anyone can enlighten me to any better alternatives as i dont know of any others that ar not a point and click camera and that aren't expensive ether. So please educate me, and also let me know of things to look out for if it turns out the Bantam is the way to go.

RF Bantam (off google immages)


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Charles Stobbs , Nov 05, 2008; 08:02 a.m.

These - http://www.cameraquest.com/superban.htm - are expensive but convenient

Ralf J. , Nov 05, 2008; 08:52 a.m.

Kodak flash bantam with an Anastigmat special lens. It is tiny, really tiny and a solid performer. I rolled regular 35mm film and it worked like a charm. You can cut the backing paper from a regular 120 backing paper, a set of the numbers match. You can get these for $20-30. The one Charles listed is the finest of them all but it comes at a steep price $200-300 depending on condition.

The bantam RF is a really nice camera as well, however the lens is slightly of lower quality than the anastigmat special(coated) or the ektars or Anastars. The coated ektanon on this camera should be capable of fine quality if stopped down below f/8 just like any other decent triplet design. See my posting on it from 2 years ago. The film had color cast as it was expired. The PONY 828s are almost the same in performane apart from cheaper construction and lack of rangefinder. I have several of them and acquired them for the 828 spools they had inside, mainly; they are that cheap.


Ken Jeanette , Nov 05, 2008; 09:06 a.m.

Dan, In a short search of the Ektanon 3.9 lens, I found that it is also a Thorium lens. (Thorium added to improve the refractive quality of the lens--less costly to produce a lens). The downside of that equation is the Thorium glass yellows or browns with age. May affect the color of your end result? I also used the Kodak Bantam Special (art deco model) it had a great lens and shutter. If you can find one at a reasonable (affordable on your budget) price it will be well worth the added expense in picture quality, but this sounds like more of an experimental use, so the Bantam RF should work fine for you, just wanted to let you know about a possible shortcoming.

Mark Hahn , Nov 05, 2008; 09:40 a.m.

I like the Bantam f4.5 which is similar to the Flash Bantam, but with older styling... both have an excellent lens and fold into a very small pocket camera (not much bigger than a Stlus really)... no RF though.

dan Mar , Nov 05, 2008; 02:16 p.m.

Thank you all for your Information. so Ken are you saying that the RF bantam was only available with the Ektanon 3.9 lens, and that this lens by now would have yellowing? Well i guess it would be just like a contrast filter if i only shot Black and white? i do like the portability of the flash bantam design but i don't like the lack of a range finder and slower lens; but i guess i wont know till i try one. I also like the auto advance feature of the RF bantam. Too bad the glass lenses cant easily be replaced... oh well

dan Mar , Nov 05, 2008; 02:19 p.m.

OH! ONE LAST THING. Does anyone know how to adjust a flash sync on these and other cameras. I hear of people doing it all the time to tourist cameras and such but never see information on how do do it. I also have a couple tourists i would love to do this on.

Ken Jeanette , Nov 05, 2008; 02:23 p.m.

Camerapedia only lists the one lens for the Bantam RF, but I would give one a try, maybe the discoloring is minimal.

Lynn Jones , Nov 05, 2008; 02:25 p.m.

Hi Dan,

I've used the Kodak Bantam, and the Bantam Special (f2.0 Ektar), both terrific cameras, but the latter has no peers in the 828 field. The early model had a Compur shutter, but from 41 on had the Kodak Flash Supermatic shutter. The Kodak shutters were always troublesome regardless of camera.

828 is unperforated 35mm with paper backing yielding 8 exposures per roll and its frame size is 28mm x 40mm. I liked them because they were small, especially small was the f4.5. I no longer have either of these so my personal tiny camera is the Rollei 35 (made in Singapore-they were made better than the German made), I use it as a back up in case of problems.


Alex Lofquist , Nov 05, 2008; 03:30 p.m.

The Kodak Bantam Special, if you can find one!

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