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CZJ Flektogon 20mm 2.8

Teo Sirbu , Aug 18, 2010; 07:12 a.m.

Here there are some of the pictures taken with Flektogon 20mm 2.8 on Canon EOS 50e with a chip adaptor with focus confirmation.Scanned on Noritsu KOKI .The results of the focus confirmation are somehhat mixed , I can't have a strong clear conclusion .I think I have to habituate myself with it.
Because I am testing this lens , I shot a roll with the lens monted on Minolta X-700 , I'll post the results.


Jeff Adler , Aug 18, 2010; 10:45 a.m.

Is the Flektogon in M42 mount? Has anyone compared this lens to the 20/3.8 Vivitar Fixed Mount, the Vivitar or Soligor 21/3.8 T4 or the 21/4 Konica Hexanon? From the outside the designs look similar.

Teo Sirbu , Aug 18, 2010; 11:39 a.m.

My sample is a M42 mount. I use it with a focus confirm adapter wich allows me a maximum 7.1 aperture stop down on Canon Eos. If I try to stop down more , the camera doesn't work.

Teo Sirbu , Aug 18, 2010; 02:40 p.m.

CZJ Flektogon 20mm 2.8 on EOS 50e with adapter aperture 5.6 Fuji200

Teo Sirbu , Aug 18, 2010; 02:46 p.m.


czj Flektogon 20

JDM von Weinberg , Aug 21, 2010; 01:16 p.m.

I'm envious of your Flektogon :)
I have personally had very bad luck with focus-confirmation chips on adapters, and have found it better and safer to simply trust your own eyes.

Really nice pictures.

Teo Sirbu , Aug 23, 2010; 06:33 a.m.

Hi, JDM !
Thank you for the feed-back !
I think you are right . This adapter I used doesn't please me either.It is quite interesting because they say it can be programmed , even for corecting front/back focus problems .In the field ...mmmm I am not totally satisfied , this is why I moved the lens on the X-700 with aM42 to MD adapter, and waiting to see what happens .I shot a roll , didn't sent it to the lab yet.
Maybe (even if I wear glasses) disabling the AF of the EOS 50e and shooting only on scale could be a better option(I could use f 11 ,f16 with the AF disabled - that adaptor permits programming manual focus ,as if the lens would have a selector MF/AF like the EOS lenses).
Of course a manual focus screen could be a solution but I don't know how to mount it.
But here is a sample taken with the same lens on X-700 this spring.

Flektogon 20mm 2.8 on X700

Teo Sirbu , Sep 23, 2010; 05:39 p.m.

Here are some pics taken with the Flektogon 20mm on Canon XTi :

Teo Sirbu , Sep 23, 2010; 05:44 p.m.


Large photo attachment:
(czj 20mm -- 533 x 800 photo)

Teo Sirbu , Sep 23, 2010; 05:46 p.m.

and , at F8

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