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Three Tips for Selling/Showing Your Photos in a Gallery

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Johnston on Photography

Formerly 'The Sunday Morning Photographer'

The Photo.net editors are reviving Mike's column as an exclusive feature on Photo.net. Called simply 'Johnston on Photography,' the new photography opinion column will appear monthly. Its content will be wide-ranging, including everything from philosophical ruminations to product reviews, but if all goes according to plan (that is, if enough manufacturers choose to cooperate), the new column will put a distinct emphasis on discussing fine photographic camera lenses. As before, it will be directed primarily at passionate amateurs, and be concerned first and foremost with how we all have fun with our interest in photography.

To go to this month's column, click on the title below. As each new column is added, they'll appear on this page as well. You'll be able to access all the current and past columns published by photo.net from here. We hope you enjoy it!

Johnston on Photography Column

The column covers photography tips and advice as well as photography equipment reviews.

The History of 'The Sunday Morning Photographer'

From 2002 to 2005, Mike Johnston wrote a popular column called 'The Sunday Morning Photographer' that appeared on four major photography sites: the Luminous Landscape, Steve's Digicams, the Polish-language site Fotopolis, and on Photo.net. The column came out intermittently—sometimes weekly, sometimes monthly. Along the way it was translated in brief bursts into five different languages: Polish, Portuguese, German, Italian and, very briefly, Croatian. At its peak it was seen by some 80,000 readers a week.

About the Author

Mike Johnston is the principal author of The Online Photographer web site. He's the author of The Empirical Photographer and Lenses and the Light-Tight Box, and has had a dozen or so interesting and educational jobs in photography over the years, including a stints as a teacher, portrait photographer, studio assistant, custom printer, and magazine editor. A 1985 BFA graduate of the Photography program at the Corcoran College of Art and Design in Washington, D.C., he was East Coast Editor of Camera & Darkroom magazine from 1988 to 1994 and Editor-in-Chief of PHOTO Techniques magazine from 1994-2000, where his editorial column, "The 37th Frame" was a popular feature and where he presented, among other things, a set of three articles on "bokeh" by John Kennerdell, Oren Grad, and Harold Merklinger that were subsequently widely discussed among photographers. He lives in a boring but peaceful Wisconsin town with his 15-year-old son Zander and a very personable and lively terrier named Lulu.


Original text and photo ©2008 Mike Johnston.