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digital point and shoot with no shutter lag?

Aaron James , Dec 24, 2004; 12:16 a.m.

I have a Canon G2, and even when it's pre-focused, there is considerable shutter lag. Is there a digital point and shoot with no or at lesat very little shutter lag? I know this is a problem with most, maybe all, point and shoot digitals, but I'm hoping there is an alterntaive. Ny the way, I'm interested in point and shoots rather than an SLR because I'd like something smaller and less obtrusive. Thanks.


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Kevin Krumwiede , Dec 24, 2004; 12:55 a.m.

The Sony W1 seems very responsive, although I have read that it isn't so great in low light. It's also ready to go very quickly when you turn it on. I'm sure there are other (possibly newer) models that are just as good, but the W1 is among the best models I carry at my store.

Jim Strutz - Anchorage, AK , Dec 24, 2004; 02:06 a.m.

I just tried my Panasonic FZ3 (3mp). After pre-focusing, and without flash, I cannot detect any shutter lag. With flash there is an additional 1/4 second or so for the pre-flash. I believe the FZ20 (5mp) is the same.

Mark Ci , Dec 24, 2004; 02:45 a.m.

The G2 is a 3-year-old camera, geriatric by digital standards. Most new cameras are better. I have no complaints about my Canon S70.

Sanford Edelstein , Dec 24, 2004; 10:10 a.m.

Try turning the autofocus off. Digital cameras have tremendous depth of field even at F5.6. On a bright day at the wide angle setting and the camera set at two or three feet everything should be in focus and shutter response time if greatly reduced in most cameras.

C5060 @ F5.6 and 1/500 sec, 27mm, manual focus

Aaron James , Dec 24, 2004; 11:51 a.m.

Thanks for the responses. There's a delay even when I manually focus it. When it's manually focused you press the shutter . . . and then it takes the picture. It's interesting to hear that maybe newer models are better. Anymore suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Meryl Arbing , Dec 24, 2004; 11:54 a.m.

Consider the new Sony DSC-V3. The reviews say:

"By almost every measure, the Sony DSC-V3 is a very fast camera. Full-autofocus shutter lag ranges from 0.28-0.66 seconds, much faster than average, and shutter lag when prefocused (by half-pressing and holding down the shutter button before the shot itself) is an amazing 0.011 second. (That's right, just over 1/100 second.)"


"Sony did it, the DSC-V3 was clearly the fastest of our 7mp group test...Auto Focus feels and really is very quick, especially in good light, the V3 just locks and is ready before you need to start worrying about it. Combine that with a sub 1/10 sec (we couldn't measure it) shutter lag and you've got a camera which can snap pictures very quickly indeed. Just as important are shot to shot times and the V3 also excels here, just over one second between each shot (if you pump the shutter release) means you never feel as though you're waiting for the camera, it just responds."


"The V3 is a robust performer. It took 3 seconds to capture the first image following power on. Shutter lag, the delay between depressing the shutter button and capturing the image, measured less than 1/10 second when pre-focused. Shutter lag including AF delay measured an equally impressive 3/10 second in average lighting conditions, a time that rivals many dSLR's."


The Sony V3 doesn not have zero shutter lag but, it appears to be as good as you will get at the present time.

Dean G , Dec 24, 2004; 01:07 p.m.

This topic comes up over and over again. You should do a search and you'd get the same answers. The Ricoh Caplio GX, and R1 cameras are currently some of the fastest shutter'd small digicams available. .12 secs including AF for the GX, even faster for the R1 (the R1 is more of a strict P&S, and has a smaller sensor). Rollei will be the one selling the GX in the US, under their name calling it the dr5100. This camera offers a lot of manual control options in a small camera, with virtually no shutter lag. Also these cameras offer a 28mm (equiv) wide angle.

Bill Tuthill , Dec 24, 2004; 01:36 p.m.

Oh stop it! Digicam speed has not improved. In some ways the Canon G6 is slower than the G2. Ricoh's marketing info sounds good but Dpreview.com has not tested any of their models, so I can't put them into the table below.

Pa FZ20 Pa FZ7 G6 G2 DSC-V3
1/2 Lag Wide 0.5 0.5 0.6-0.8 0.9-1.0 0.3-0.9
1/2 Lag Tele 1.0 0.8 0.6-1.5 0.9-1.0 0.6-1.5
1/2 to Full LCD 0.1 0.09 0.1 0.1 < 0.1
1/2 to Full VF 0.1 0.07 0.2 < 0.1 < 0.1
Shot to Shot 1.15 1.66 2.2 2.6 1.1

Ellis Vener , Dec 24, 2004; 02:13 p.m.

I have heard that by turning off the LCD display the shutter lag time can be decreased.

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