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Canon G9 vs the G10

Charles Becker , Oct 25, 2008; 06:21 p.m.

I am considering one of these two cameras as a back up to my DSLR (in case of mechanical breakdown or just wanting a lighter alternative) and am wondering what the benefits of the G10 are over the G9 other than the extra megapixels. Thanks for any guidance! cb :-)


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D N , Oct 25, 2008; 06:40 p.m.

You will want to double-check the accuracy of the specs, but it can be a good starting point anyway.


Charles Becker , Oct 25, 2008; 06:51 p.m.

that's just what I wanted DN-thanks! cb

Juergen Sattleru , Oct 25, 2008; 06:55 p.m.

I just switched from the G9 to the G10 - the most important reason (90% wgy I switched) was the 28mm wide angle lens on the G10. I don't need 200mm tele in a P&S - for that I have my serious glass with the 5D or 40D.

Charles Becker , Oct 25, 2008; 07:05 p.m.

Hi Juergen-I know it's early but have you had the chance to evaluate the G10's image quality in comparison to the G9?


Juergen Sattleru , Oct 26, 2008; 12:54 a.m.

I think they are on paar - as you said it is early, but so far I have not seen a huge difference in IQ. I did some tests for high ISO shots and the G10 was only marginally better than the G9 - it does hold detail better at ISO800 and 1600 than the G9, but not by much. One thing I noticed immediately is that it takes longer to record a RAW image onto the SD card because of the increased MP count. As I said before, the deciding factor for me was the wider lens on the G10 - I always hated the use of the wide angle adapter!

Charles Becker , Oct 26, 2008; 06:47 a.m.

thanks Juergen-I appreciate the information! cb :-)

R Jackson , Oct 26, 2008; 10:59 a.m.

It may be too early to tell, but my decidedly unscientific impression is that the G10 has a little more dynamic range.

Bill Tuthill , Oct 26, 2008; 06:28 p.m.

The G10 lens is much better in the corners, and not just at wide angle, but a good part of the way to telephoto. I don't see any reason to buy a G9, even to save $100 or more.

Charles Becker , Oct 26, 2008; 08:33 p.m.

thanks guys-I appreciate all the feedback; I guess I'm leaning toward the G10 as the backup to my Nikon D90 (I'm a Nikon guy but both the G9 and the G10 outshine any Nikon point and shoot). thanks again! cb :-)

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