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Canon 40D main dial issue (back of shutter button)

noel martinez , Mar 24, 2011; 09:40 a.m.

someone has had this problem? no way to fix it without having to send the camera to service?
I do not understand why Canon does not do a recall on this problem as there are many people who had the same problem.


Rob Bernhard , Mar 24, 2011; 10:10 a.m.

What about the thousands of people that have not had any problems with the 40D?

Things break. It stinks, but they break. $180 is less than a used 40D.

Also, if you're going to try and astroturf your iReport page, you might want to avoid confusing the word "camera" and "computer."

James G. , Mar 24, 2011; 11:40 a.m.

OK.... You aren't stating what the problem is (I assume the dial didn't just jump out of the camera!).

Who are these "many people"? I did quite a bit of research before buying my 40D and never saw a reference to this issue.

Things break. It stinks, but they break. $180 is less than a used 40D.


Charles Webster , Mar 24, 2011; 05:11 p.m.

I do not understand why Canon does not do a recall on this problem as there are many people who had the same problem.

Huh? I see one report not many. One trouble report does not warrant a recall in anybody's book. If there are so many, why are there no comments on that report? Why are there no other reports of such here on PN? Or on other photo forums?

BTW, did anyone notice that the OP joined just to post this complaint? Hmmmm, I wonder what his real agenda is?


noel martinez , Mar 25, 2011; 08:25 a.m.

David Cavan , Mar 26, 2011; 05:00 p.m.

OK, you're up to 3 of them - I wonder how many 40D cameras were sold? At least hundreds of thousands? None of these posts get a "piling-on" effect going that would tell me that lots of people were experiencing the same problem.

I've used Canon repair twice over the 6 years, we've owned 4 different xxd and Rebel bodies with only those issues. They do good, fast and reliable work.

Andrew Gilchrist , Mar 28, 2011; 03:58 p.m.

I'm assuming that had this happened during the warranty period, Canon would have fixed it for no charge. It does stink that seemingly such a little thing would cost so much to repair, but unfortunately these devices are designed to be very complex, very dense, and to stay put-together, with a lot of precision--so taking them apart and putting them back together by hand is time-consuming and expensive. The repair-guy doesn't have the same efficient production line that Canon did when the camera was initially built.

Agree that $180 does sound a little steep though, I would have hoped it was closer to $110 or something like that. It's possible that maybe they can't replace just one little part, that there's a subassembly that needs to be replaced in its entirety.

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