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Mirrorless pocketable camera suggestion

marco landini , Jan 23, 2013; 05:13 a.m.

Hello guys.
I' m interested in a pocketable mirrorless digital camera to pair with my Nikon D90, and to carry with me on my large pockets. The dimension is important, and I was happy with my Contax t2 in my film era. It' s a right size camera for my neeeds, cm 10,5 x 6,3 x 3,5, 230 gr. Good viewfinder, nice controls, incredible small and good prime lens. The perfect film street camera for my taste. So, I' d like to find a similar featured camera in digital version.
I need those kind of dimensions, raw format file, nice viewfinder, manual an A exposure controls, manual and auto focus, nice hi iso performance at least at 800, and a LARGE sensor.
In my searching, I found the Canon G1x to be a nice candidate. I prefere a short focal range or even a prime lens and very large aperture reather than a long zoom with small aperture. What do you think about this Canon G1x ? Any other suggestion ?
Thanks, Marco


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John Tran , Jan 23, 2013; 07:59 a.m.

I've got the G1x for about 4 months and I really like it. There is nothing to complain about except that it is obviously not a DSLR. For example, the viewfinder will not give you a 100% view. It only gives you a rough estimate of the view you will get, but we often trim and straighten our shots a little anyway. There is no need to get the perfect framing right away.

I accept the one fixed zoom lens solution because that is the only pocketable solution. With the SLRs, I don't have as much problem carrying some Nikon F5 as carrying a set of 5 lenses. So the small body solution is not attractive to me at all.

Without the mirror, I have no choice but to rely heavily on the LCD display and the flexible LCD of the G1x is very useful. I rarely hold the camera at arm length, it is better to hold it closer to my body and there is no need to use it at eye-level

The most important thing is the IQ which is a strong point of the G1x

People complain a lot about the slow lens F2.8-5.6, but have they compared the size of a 24-70mm F2.8 with the small 18-55mm F3.5-5.6? This is the thing we should accept to have a pocketable camera because we should not sacrifice other things like sensor size, or IQ. Besides, the lens of the G1x is a little slow but not a bad one at all. Remember what the max aperture of the Contax T2 you have is? The lens doesn't have to be big to give quality picture, but it must be big to be fast (unless it is for small sensors)

The AF is good and the quality of ISO 800 is good. The handling is good, buttons and dials are convenient. The battery life is surprisingly good , maybe because I don't have the habit of shooting randomly

To me your choice of the G1x is perfect

marco landini , Jan 23, 2013; 09:28 a.m.

Thank you John. Can you tell me a suggested price, maybe used ?

James Turner , Jan 23, 2013; 09:41 a.m.

Sony RX100.

marco landini , Jan 23, 2013; 10:36 a.m.

James, I think Sony RX100 it's more pocketable and compact, but it has not the optical viewfinder, essential for me. I hate to shoot looking at the lcd screen, it' s not my style. Looking throught the optical viewfinderd gives me the sensation to be involved in the scene.

Brad - , Jan 23, 2013; 10:45 a.m.

>>> Any other suggestion ?

I really like my Sony RX100. Fits in my jeans pocket, really good image quality, good low light performance, and easy to use.

Here's a set of 25 photos I've taken with it.

Rob Bernhard , Jan 23, 2013; 10:55 a.m.

[[Looking throught the optical viewfinderd gives me the sensation to be involved in the scene.]]

Ah, but you can put an optical viewfinder on via the hotshoe.

marco landini , Jan 23, 2013; 11:13 a.m.

I' ve also taken a look at these : Fuji x-e1 ( hybrid viewfinder), samsung nx 1000 and sony nex 5n ( or 5r) both without viewfinder

Leslie Cheung , Jan 23, 2013; 11:23 a.m.

I'm surprised the Canon G1x would be pocketable. Boy...you have big pockets, if you can fit a XE-1, 5n/r and that samsung...

Massimo Foti , Jan 23, 2013; 11:32 a.m.

I own Canon G1x and I like it, but I think its optical viewfinder is pretty much useless, same for the whole G series (I used to have a G12). I suggest you try it before you buy one.
The requirements for both viewfinder and pocketability are hard to meet... Have you considered an Olympus Pen with the external, electronic viewfinder? It has the benefit of interchangeable lens (plenty of quality lenses are available in Micro 4/3), with a pancake prime it's not that big.

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