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Deep cleaning print heads--Epson 1270

Scott Squire - Seattle / Pacific Northwest , Feb 02, 2004; 05:24 p.m.

Howdy, Has anybody successfully deep-cleaned the print heads of an Epson 1270/1280 or similar printer? Talking about serious clogs, that software utilities won't clear, don't mind taking the thing apart a bit kind of deal. Or had the work done, and how much did it cost?

Thanks, Scott


Nicholas Barry , Feb 02, 2004; 06:18 p.m.

I can only direct you to Michael Reichmann's method (http://www.luminous-landscape.com/reviews/cis.shtml) for cleaning his printer with a CIS setup. I don't know if I'd try this on my 2200, but if you're getting desparate this might work.

Check the "Head Clogging" section.

Bill Van Antwerp , Feb 02, 2004; 07:33 p.m.

Taking it apart will be a nightmare I think, but I have had good luck in soaking the head in windex/IPA (50/50). Get a little petri dish and fill it half way then put the print head in the solution. Alternatively, using the soaking with Windex on a paper towel. The key is to use something that has some soap in it since one of the major causes of clogging is in fact a bubble, not ink crud. Bill

Marvin Sodicoff , Feb 02, 2004; 09:04 p.m.

I wonder what sort of problem you are having. I know that with my 1280 when I add a new cartridge that the heads "seem" clogged for a few cycles but eventually they clean up. I think that there may be some trapped air which needs a few cleaning cycles to clear.

P.S. I buy my ink from Megatoners.com: $2.99/color cart, $2.24/bl. And I think that they are great.

Shourya Ray , Feb 02, 2004; 09:57 p.m.

I have a 1270 that eventually (after years of flawless service) finally clogged up beyond all hope. I finally resorted to the old windex treatment, and lo and behold it's been fine ever since.

Follow these steps but replace their custom solution with windex. Trust me, this actually works!


Scott Squire - Seattle / Pacific Northwest , Feb 03, 2004; 12:14 a.m.

Hey Y'all, thanks. This is great news. There IS hope... I'll try it out soon, and I'll try to post the results.

Daniel Taylor , Feb 03, 2004; 02:38 a.m.

MaxPatchInk.com sells cleaning fluid for Epson printers. I had a 780 (same ink set as 1280) that was clogged beyond hope. This solution took care of the problem, no disassembly required.

Whenever my Epson's are clogged worse than can be cleaned in a couple cycles I turn to this solution. It saves ink compared to a dozen cleaning cycles, and keeps them running smooth for a while.

Vesa Perala , Feb 04, 2004; 04:05 a.m.

I have noticed that whenever my 1270 has had clogged print head (thus however much I clean it there are always some missing stripes in the test print) the ink cartridge has always been old or almost empty.

When I have changed in a fresh cartridge the clogging has been fixed (almost or entirely) by itself.


Marvin Sodicoff , Feb 04, 2004; 06:30 a.m.


My experience with 1280 is different. If I haven't used it for a few days it will probably require a cleaning.

When I need to replace an empty cartridge, and when the printer is performing flawlessly, the new cartridge will need a few cleaning cycles before it will print right. I don't think that this is a clogging problem - I interpret this to mean that the continuity between the ink in the new cartridge and the printer head has been severed and that the cleaning cycles retore the fluid continuity. Once it's printing right, and assuming I don't let lie unused for a while, it will not clog. P.S. I use generic inks $3 vs $30.

gregg cook , Feb 04, 2004; 10:49 p.m.

marvin, my experience is that when I use the cheap ink on my 1280 the print heads will need cleaning if I havent used it in a few days, If I use epson inks they will need it if I havent used it in a few weeks. Just my observation. Third party inks may clog if even while in use.

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