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How to make the gray sky blue w/Photoshop CS?

Happy Home , Oct 16, 2004; 04:25 p.m.

I scanned a 6x7 slide (4000dpi -- 500MB) of a friend in a formal garden with her groom. The film had accurately captured the gray sky that day. I purchased Photoshop CS -- read a book -- watched a detailed tutorial -- created a layer -- isolated the sky; cannot for the life of me change the sky's color. I understand from the tutorial there are generally multiple ways to skin a cat in Photoshop; but none I've tried so far work on the gray sky. Help, please?


John Houghton , Oct 16, 2004; 04:39 p.m.

Image->Adjustments->Hue/Saturation and check Colorize. Play with the sliders to obtain the colour you want.

Emre Safak , Oct 16, 2004; 04:42 p.m.

...but you also need to paint in the "layer mask" to select the sky.

Michael Matsil , Oct 16, 2004; 07:20 p.m.

Try a "selective color" layer. Pull down the adjustment layer symbol (little circle, half white/black at the bottom of the layers pallete) and select "selective color." Select "Neutrals" or "White" from the 'colors' pull down. Slide +cyan and/or -yellow to get some sky color in there. Then add a mask to the adjustment layer and fill it with black to hide the change (Edit>Fill...>choose black.) With the paint brush tool set to "white" paint away the mask to expose your new sky color. When you first create the color, don't worry about over doing it. You will be able to pull back on the effect by diminishing the opacity of the layer (at the top of the layers pallete.) Also, with 'selective color' you may not need to mask the rest of the image if you see no other changes. Learn to work with layers...it's extremely flexible and allows you to change and freely experiment.

Terry Spade , Oct 17, 2004; 12:08 a.m.

Select > color range, choose your sky, ok, enter quick mask mode, erase masking from all other non sky parts, exit quick mask mode, find a good sky blue, filter > render > clouds. Thats what I did here.


Attachment: sky-fix.jpg

Rodolfo Negrete , Oct 17, 2004; 02:43 a.m.

how about this?


get the clouds elsewhere

Rodolfo Negrete , Oct 18, 2004; 08:44 a.m.


*has a color cast *shadows on her face

I always take pictures of the cluds and nice buildings or scenories then I use them as backgrounds when needed.

For the cluds I used a picture I had of couds.I dragged the clud's picture to your image then selected your original image once there I use the magic one (25)to select the grey sky and the parts that are visible trhugh the tree, then right hand click the selection, choose layer via copy,then in the layers palet all I did was hold the Alt key and plade my pointer in between the cluds and the new layer,once you see the little "tea pot" click and that is it.

I hope you can follow my steps,but if you can let me know I will be more than happy to rewrite them in a way you understand them.

*for the hard-shadows all you have to use is the image-adjustments-higlights-shadows and play with it till you get the results you want.

*color cast..mm well if you have more questions let me know.

good luke

Rodolfo Negrete , Oct 18, 2004; 08:45 a.m.


Rodolfo Negrete , Oct 18, 2004; 03:21 p.m.

ho alos when I said (wrote)magic one I meant the magic wand ok

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