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Editing software with Targa file option

Tom Meyer , Apr 29, 2007; 12:47 p.m.

I will be conducting a seminar for artists (not photographers) on digital photography of their artworks. One issue I will address is that many artists still need to provide photographs of their work on 35mm slides.

I prep files for slide output as a standard service for my artist clients, but many of the people who will attend the seminar are not my clients, and they need to convert their existing files or ask for this service from their photographers in order to avoid service charges from a lab.

I would like to know which programs, other than PhotoShop, offer the ability to convert an image file to the color space called "ColorMatch" and then save the file in the targa format, which is required by film recorders when writing data to 35mm transparency film.

I would appreciate it if those of you who use other types of photo editing software could check these options, and let me know which programs you use that have or do not have these capabilities. Please include the version number of your software in any response.

I want to accurately recommend affordable photo editing software with this specific capability to those who attend the seminar. Thank you... t


Mendel Leisk , Apr 29, 2007; 01:11 p.m.

ACDSee Pro V 8.0 shows targa as a conversion option. I tried it and it seems to work ok, though I don't know anything about this format.

Oskar Ojala , Apr 29, 2007; 03:19 p.m.

There are two major versions of the Targa format, the older one dead simple, the newer one slightly more complex but still simple. Writing that is no problem to most software. However, I'm not familiar with the ColorMatch color space (haven't read the Targa spec in a while, so this might be trivial...), do you have a link about that color space?

Peter Langfelder , Apr 29, 2007; 10:39 p.m.

This is strictly speaking not an editing program, but ImageMagick also seems to support targa, according to their website. I'm not sure about the color space.

Tom Meyer , Apr 29, 2007; 11:01 p.m.

Thanks, ya'll.

Neither targa, nor Colormatch are options in PhotoShop Elements v3. Does anyone out there use v5 that can confirm these two capabilities?

ColorMatch colorspace was recommended by my lab as an essential component of accurate color in the slides generated by their film recorder, and I have proved it to be so on slides of my own photographs. Using Adobe98RGB or sRGB, greens are more yellow/drab, and other colors just lack the saturation and contrast of the originals.

My clients like the results I get, so I'll keep saving my targa files in ColorMatch as 24bit files of less than 20 megabytes for slide output... t

On this page at MS I found this by Rob Galbraith:

ColorMatch RGB Derived from an older Radius Pressview monitor, this color space is not an available option on any point-and-shoot or digital SLR camera, I'm aware of. But, it does serve as an excellent alternative to both sRGB and Adobe RGB?and Adobe RGB especially - for viewing pictures shot in these color spaces. Its color space is wider than sRGB, but not as broad as Adobe RGB, and it features a gamma of 1.8. All color spaces definitions include a gamma value, which in turn affects how bright a photo's midtones will appear in that color space. A gamma of 1.8?vs. 2.2 for sRGB and Adobe RGB - means that if you are looking at a photo that's too dark and murky in the midtones, switching to ColorMatch RGB can be a simple and effective way to brighten the photo. In addition, it can also help control runaway saturation in photos shot in Adobe RGB..

Steven Clark , Apr 30, 2007; 11:07 a.m.

PSP has targa support (and support for just about everything else too) last I checked. And modern versions have something resembling decent color management, but I haven't played with my copy of PSP X enough to know if it'll let me do arbitrary profile conversions.

Tom Meyer , May 01, 2007; 10:05 a.m.

PSP X? That's video and MP3 management software isn't it? I don't just need the ability to view targa files, I need the ability to save jpgs as targa files in ColorMatch color space. Thanks anyway... t

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