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Lightroom RAW presets for Nikon D80 NEF

Scott Morris , Aug 03, 2008; 12:26 p.m.

Does anyone have any baseline presets for Nikon D80 NEF files out there? I would like a preset to use in lightroom as a baseline. I am fiddling with it, but I am guessing someone out there has something setup...

Also, since it is a workflow thing, does anyone know if OnOne is planning a GenuineFractals plug-in for Lightroom. It would really come in handy when you crop images to have a version of that program that would upsize any pics in a selected group to a size or ratio that you specify. I know you can go into CS3 and do that with a batch operation, but it would save a step...you know since Lightroom is a workflow tool to begin with...

Maybe someone aside from OnOne GF already has such a thing?



Patrick Lavoie , Aug 04, 2008; 03:59 p.m.

1_maybe its included in the new beta camera plugin for lr 2? But the bets option is to create it yourself as a generic profil taht would work for many use to start with. If you have some problem, send me a raw (i have a ftp) i will be glad to create one for you. Send me a email and send a *normal* shot of what you normaly take on my ftp after. Dont want to share your image, i understand, so heres a quick method.

exposure .25

recovery 15

fill light 7

black 3

brigthness default

contrast 40

clarity 10

vibrance 10

saturation 0

sharpen at OFF

That would be a start, then you can refine the tonal response of some color to suit your need. _____

I think you can upsize a file in Lr when you export, but dont go more than 2x (200%) of your cropping. I prefer to export a full frame than upsize, than crop to make sure all is fine.

Scott Morris , Aug 07, 2008; 03:11 p.m.

Sorry I havent benn on here for a while...Thanks for the settings. I saw the upsaize results in the export dialog. I wasnt real happy with the results. I like Genuine Fractals best. So I hope they come up with a lightroom plug-in to do it all in LR. I use Pictage for my proofing and they have an LR plug-in for sending and cataloging pics online for proofing. However, once they are online, it is tough to know which ones are full sized and what not. I would like to simply be able to size them all for an 8x10 print, which is as big as I want my customers buying from them. I do all my larger prints myself. I also have a mix of Medium format Digital, and 35mm shots that are all cropped to varying degrees. It would be nice to same the time and step to do it in LR...but...so it is not for now...

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