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Question about DPP color managment

David Amberson , Dec 01, 2009; 06:56 p.m.

I had a question about DPP color managment.

I recently started using a program I'm sure you have all hard of "Noiseware". Love it BTW and noticed something odd. It has the option to read "Embedded" profiles....OK I have this selected.

Now Noiseware cant read RAW files, so it must either be TIFF or JPEG. I used DPP to make the JPEG for Noiseware with embedded icc selected on converson.

In DPP(which I used all the time) I have the preferences set up as shown in the screen shot I have attached.

I use a Huey monitor calibrator and have that selected in Monitor selection under color matching module...is this correct?

The color shown in DPP looks probably the most correct as shot when the Huey icc is selected in monitor color matching section, but when the converted file is loaded into Noiseware, the color is way off from what I intended in DPP. Its much more saturated and has a magenta cast compared to what it showed on screen in DPP during the conversion.

I have the workspace set to sRGB....I normally work in Adobe, but all of my assignments I shoot thats not for me, I am required to shoot sRGB...so this is why I am using a smaller space.

The image in the "DPP screen shot" was taken playing with my cat, and the image was used later to test Noiseware. That program does an awesome job with noise....best Ive used. Anyway, back to subject at hand. The image in screen shot is what I had in DPP, I also attached at screen shot to show what it looks like in Noiseware. You can get my point this way.

Could I be double color managing. Should I leave the color matching section set to my color space "sRGB and leave the Huey to make sure that the colors are correct. Because even when the Monitor section is left blank and I have sRGB selected, I can toggle the Huey off and on and see a huge difference in its corrected colors so even tho the Profile isnt selected, Huey is still correcting my monitor color. So my question is, Have I misunderstood the Color Matching section in DPP.

Because when I leave it set to sRGB, then DPP will display the exact color the JPEG shows when loaded into anything else.

I'm asking because I have my color like it should be in DPP, but when using Noiseware afterwords, the color is changed once the file is saved. I have no way of knowing what the fina will look like at this point.

Hope I didnt confuse anyone.


David Amberson , Dec 01, 2009; 07:15 p.m.

DPP Screen Shot

David Amberson , Dec 01, 2009; 07:17 p.m.

DPP Screen Shot with Monitor Profile set to sRGB, Huey still On

David Amberson , Dec 01, 2009; 07:21 p.m.

Screen Shot from Noiseware. See, when I have my Monitor profile selected in DPP, look at the screen shot color and then look at how it looks when that same file is loaded into Noiseware.

Mike Slivka , Dec 01, 2009; 10:54 p.m.

Canon recommends the setup you have in the first post.
Seems like Noiseware isn't reading the embedded profile. Is there a setting in that app that you can change to read the embedded profile?

David Amberson , Dec 01, 2009; 11:11 p.m.

Yes. And I have it set to always apply upon image open. I'm attaching a screen shot of that.
If I open the same image in LR, it seems to be a little closer to DPP. In fact, I thought the only reason it didnt match perfect was that I processed the image in sRGB and Adobe is Pro Photo.....but I thought I could put a smaller color space file in a larger one and not effect color....I thought it was only when trying to put a larger Adobe color file into a smaller sRGB file you'd get color shifting?

So I went back to DPP and set color space to Adobe and it matched better.

But when I open the image in Noiseware, or even internet explorer, they look the same......way shifted from DPP.

I know IE isnt color managed, but its default is sRGB....and so why isnt the image displayed in IE or Noiseware as it is in DPP with the monitor profile selected. This is a scenario I'd expect when editing an Adobe RGB image, but this one was sRGB from capture all the way thru JPEG conversion....on a profiled monitor.

I wouldnt expect it to be 100% perfect....its a Huey....but it should be close enough not to matter at all.....at least I'd think.

Any clues anyone?

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