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Minolta Dimage Scan Multi/Multi II tips and tricks

Ingemar Lampa , Apr 16, 2010; 10:40 a.m.

Hi Everyone
I'm extremely happy. Picked up a Minolta Dimage Scan Multi II on fleabay for an astounding $75 (MSRP was $2.299 when available). It was sold "as-is" but being an IT systems engineer, this didn't put me off.
On receiving the unit and connecting it up (I used a proper SCSI card, Adaptec AHA2940UW which you can find for a few dollars anywhere) it turned on and seemed to work A-OK. Downloaded the latest drivers (2002 XP - don't even try Vista or Seven) from the Konica Minolta site and 5 mins later I was doing my first scan.
Disaster. Whatever the adjustments, all scans using frame mounted slides, were completely out of focus. No manual adjustment would make any difference whatsoever. Was thinking about junking it and looking for a new unit, Googled a lot for "repairs", "Focus", "cleaning" etc. pertaining to this model, but of course, it was never sold in great numbers and there are only a few survivors out there I believe. No avail.
Bit the bullet and dismantled the unit. Very easy to do, you just have to be careful and methodical. The key is that it is to be dismantled bottom-up, i.e. you take of the top cover, flip the unit around and do all the remaining operations with the unit upside-down.
Soon enough I discovered that some ham-fisted person had tried to go in there before and made a mess about it. Mirror full of dust, fingerprints on the lens, but worst of all, the person had dismantled the CCD from its holder and thus screwed up the focusing
A quick clean and adjust, reassembly and it is all singing and dancing
I also discovered, in the process, that there is no big difference between the original Scan Multi, Scan Multi II or even The Scan Multi Pro, if using the driver available on the KM website. Depending on what serial number you put in, it will unlock the corresponding features. You simply use the serial on the back of the jewel case which came with the unit. So if using a Scan Multi II serial, it will unlock GEM and ROC, but no ICE. Similarly, if using an original Scan Multi serial, you get none of those features.
Here is a suggestion: Because KM exited the camera/scanner business and left their customers high and dry, I don't consider sharing serial numbers for their products as pirating or illegal. Rather, it should be considered "abandonware". KM certainly abandoned us, their customers, when exiting the game.
All things being equal and fairs fair, I will provide anyone with my serial for the Scan Multi II software and am looking for someone with a Scan Multi Pro disc to do the same, so we can all "upgrade" to the Digital ICE feature built in but locked away in this software.
Moreover, for those who are experiencing issues with any of these units, drop me a line. I will gladly explain in detail how to do a CLA and how to keep them going, for as long as the fluo-light glows..


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Roger Smith , Apr 16, 2010; 01:02 p.m.

Depending on what serial number you put in, it will unlock the corresponding features

While the driver may be the same, how do you know that the hardware is the same, and that all have hardware IR support?

Ingemar Lampa , Apr 16, 2010; 07:53 p.m.

You are right - I don't - regarding the Pro because I haven't tried it - yet. However, the only difference between the Multi II and the original Multi is in the software.

Mark M , Apr 16, 2010; 10:01 p.m.

Ingemar, I'm pretty sure the original Dimage Multi does not have the hardware for ICE. I've got one sitting here that doesn't get use since we also have an Imacon. Last time it was used it needed a cleaning pretty badly too, but I've always been nervous about disassembly—maybe your post will inspire me to buck up and take a look inside.

Ingemar Lampa , Apr 16, 2010; 10:07 p.m.

Mark, you may be right about ICE, but at least you should get ROC and GEM going with the serial number from a Multi II. Pity it should just sit unused. But in this case we may both benefit from this situation: The Multi II I found only came with the 35mm slide holder and I am desperately looking for the medium format and 35mm film strip holders. Would you be prepared to sell those? Heck, I may even make you an offer for the whole kit, if you aren't going to use it anymore.

Chris Ahn , Jun 30, 2010; 09:28 a.m.

Hi there. Could you provide me with a serial number for Multi II? I own the first gen unit and would like to get ROC and GEM.

Chris Ahn , Jun 30, 2010; 09:31 a.m.

I see a unit for sale on eBay. Inludes all the trays and even a scsi/pcmcia card for laptop connections. Only one bid at $99 right now.

Ingemar Lampa , Jun 30, 2010; 11:16 a.m.

Sorry Chris, I sold my Multi II to a very nice Russian Gentleman some time ago. Sent him the lot, including the serials.

My advise to you would be: stay away from scanners no longer manufactured or supported. This advise includes the end-all, be-all Nicon Coolscan 9000, because when you have trouble, or even worse, when it breaks and you needs spare, what will you do?
When these units were in production, Minolta was still an independent camera company. Then it was folded in under Konica and soon after, it got out of photography completely. Konica is a good company, if you are looking for an office copier/scanner/fax...

Plus, unless the Pro, no digital ICE=welcome to dust hell!

Chris Ahn , Jun 30, 2010; 11:32 a.m.

I see. Thanks for responding anyway.
We've had the first gen Minolta Dimage Scan Multi for some time now. My dad bought it new but it rarely got used. I think we got the original CD case somewhere.

Sora DeVore , Aug 02, 2010; 04:38 p.m.

I have the Dimage Scan Multipro and am having terrible dust problems. You mentioned taking the scanner apart and cleaning the mirror. Can you explain how you clean the mirror?

Thanks so much - Sora

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