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Tones neon orange/red on Mac

J Jones , Dec 06, 2010; 05:28 p.m.

I am fighting with my computer settings trying to get the red and oranges to chill out. In Bridge when they are raw, opened in Photoshop and even on the web, the colors are bright red, orange and washed out in the skin tones. I have ordered Pro Huey which will come this week and in the interim done the stupid Mac Calibration.
It seems to be a monitor problem, but am able to calm the tones down when I assign color settings to the mac calibration in Photoshop, which I don't think is correct, it just worked out in all my fiddling.
I had the recommended settings for Photoshop, N. American Press and SRGB and also tried Adobe 1998 etc..., which I read didn't matter for Macbook Pro, both showed the neon skin tones.
I have googled and read every forum, but need one on one help as the day is gone without figuring it out and I've got to get client photos edited.
I worried it has something to do with my camera (Nikon D300) and it's translation from my camera to the computer, but with color being neon also on the web, I think it's a monitor problem and probably also a Photoshop/Bridge setting problem.
I would really appreciate the help. Let me know what details you need.
I've been on Color Display, Color Sync, Photoshop Color Management, Color Suite Color settings.
Look at my blog: studiorefuge.blogspot.com and just tell me if you are seeing orangey skin tones, if not, it's again problems syncing color settings on my monitor.


Brad Smith , Dec 06, 2010; 05:51 p.m.

They look fine on my display, although some have a slight green cast which I think is a reflection of the environment.

Robert Chura , Dec 06, 2010; 06:21 p.m.

I adjusted with my monitor to see how it would look

Patrick Lavoie , Dec 06, 2010; 06:22 p.m.

just be calm.. set your photoshop to north american, set your monitor to apple lcd or mabook pro screen or default in the screen preference...

and wait to get the (ok) huey pro to get something better than nothing.

when you post image on the web, make sure they are saved with a srgb color space. If you follow this, your image should look good or OK... theres no reason to panic ; )

BUT youre right as that your image look way too orange.. too orange for a black little girl anyway ; )

J Jones , Dec 06, 2010; 06:37 p.m.

It's more frustration than panic ;) I am at a stand still with editing and of course, it feel terrible knowing I may or may not have images for potential clients to see that are orange.
I should add earlier this year I was fighting with this and started adjusted my setting on my camera to manual white balance use the K setting (not sure the technical term) based on light.
I tried PRE shooting a white sheet of paper, but couldn't get it the tone I liked. I've been sticking with the K adjustments and using manual ISO settings. My ISO would shoot WAAAY up to 1600 after being at 320 in the same shot.
I'm having all kinds of fun with technology.
Thanks for the input.

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