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Scanning 127 film with Epson V500

Kris Bochenek , Jun 26, 2012; 12:16 a.m.

I get to suck a lot of good info from this site, so it's time to give back some.
Few weeks ago I got a mint condition Yashica 44 and purchased a roll of film 127 Efke R100 what a joy to use this camera format is great also. After the processing it was time to scan the film on my V500 but how? it doesn't fit the 120 holder nor the 35mm. I decided to search the great ole internet and got good ideas there. From a local store I bought a sheet of black card and cut it to 5"x2-3/8" to fit the 120 holder then I cut a square hole in the middle to the size of the film 40x40mm a hair under perhaps, as you can see from the photo I made two of those masks.
Now the film sits between two pieces of the mask one frame at a time, why you ask? Well the software is not able to recognize 4x4 so I set it to see 6x4.5 and scanned one frame at a time, should I make the mask to allow two frames the scanner would not know what it's scanning and not see the frame breaks.
This mask turned out to work very well for my needs. Here is a photo of it. I hope this thread will come useful to whoever is looking to scan 127 film with their V500 scanner.

Mask for 127 in 120 film holder Epson V500


John Seaman , Jun 26, 2012; 03:34 a.m.

Kris thanks for sharing this, very interesting. I've yet to get around to using my Yashica 44LM.
I've got an Epson Perfection 4870 scanner, on mine if you set it to professional mode and uncheck the thumbnails box, you can select the area to be scanned manually using the mouse. You don't have to rely on the preset sizes at all.

Harry Joseph , Jun 27, 2012; 04:55 p.m.

Great Idea, thanks !

Derek Kennedy , Oct 03, 2012; 07:01 p.m.

sheesh, thanks for this info. I have a V700 and am having the same problem with scanning 127 film. I tried some glass to hold down the film flat, but then i get double image. laying it flat without the glass - well, it doesnt lay flat. thought maybe tape the edges, but no, then id have tape on my negs.

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