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Editors' Picks: Graduation Day Photos

photo.net members' bestMay 2008

Graduation Day: the proud exultation of a graduate, tossing a cap up in the air, the joy of many years of hard work now completed, huge smiles of accomplished graduates from college or high school, a sigh of relief to be over a huge hurdle in life...

The Photo.net editors selected a handful of images illustrating Graduation Day. Many of our talented photo.net portrait photographers have captured glimpses of proud graduates and their families, celebrations for graduation, and graduation parties. Please add your favorite graduation day photos to the comments section below.

The photos in this article have been selected by a team of photo.net editors. All photos are copyright the photographer, and may not be used without written permission.

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Rick Du Boisson , May 17, 2008; 04:07 P.M.

Indoor graduation ceremonies can be a challenge, the lighting is low and big schools keep you at a distance, so flash doesn't help. Here's one of my own favorites.

Image Attachment: IMG_1537 010A.jpg

Ken Papai , May 20, 2008; 06:23 P.M.

Saratoga H.S.

A super hot day often here, outdoors:

Mike PURATY , June 04, 2008; 11:50 P.M.

Will be shooting UCLA graduation where one of the speakers is the grad I'm there to shoot..Thinking Nikon's 50 /1.8, 85/1.8 and Tamron 28-75 f2.8 .Also need shot suggestions including the speakers..one will be Gen. Wesley Clark also many family and friends in attendance. Shooting with D300 and D80..with LCRaw set in 300 and raw on the 80. All help appreciated..really don't want to blow this special event there is no second chance.. Thanks Mike

Lori Lafargue , July 15, 2008; 06:23 P.M.

my addition to these great family photos...

Image Attachment: filectqh2A.jpg

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