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Editors' Picks: St. Patrick's Day Photography

by Photo.net Editorial, March 2012

St. Patrick’s Day: clovers and shamrocks, festive celebrations, green reptiles, bold shades of green, misty emerald landscapes, crowded Irish pubs…

The Photo.net editors selected a handful of images highlighting talented conceptual photographers on photo.net. St. Patrick’s Day can be represented by a multitude of figurative images, both literal and abstract. There is a collection of photographs of green Irish landscapes, delicate shamrocks, frothy pints of Guinness, and parade scenes. Many of our talented photo.net professional and enthusiast photographers have creatively filled out their photo.net portfolios with images we chose to represent this year’s celebration of St. Patrick’s Day. We invite you to discuss these selected St. Patrick’s Day Photos in the comments section below.

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The photos in this article have been selected by a team of photo.net editors. All photos are copyright the photographer, and may not be used without written permission.

Article created March 2012

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